The Process of looking for a job is.. Well.. Daunting and very labor intensive. Seriously.. I can see why people stay in positions they despise for years until they retire, get fired, or finally lose it and shoot up the workplace. 

I finally took the plunge and started SERIOUSLY looking for a job. Honestly, for about six months or so I was just giving it lip service. I SAID I wanted to get a new job. I even prayed for a new job, but I did little to nothing to make it happen.. I would pursue Monster or Hot Jobs for a few minutes then get sidetracked by Twitter or some flash sale on the Internet and abandon my job search as quickly as  rich people got off the Titanic. Things have changed.. I am at the end or the end of my rope. I don’t even have threads in my hands.. I am DONE.

Sooo.. Now I am HONESTLY putting a lot of energy into looking for a better position. I mean hell.. What do I have to lose? One thing I am finding out, my job is paying me basically beads and blankets laced with syphilis! I knew I wasn’t getting financially compensated for what I was worth but I had NO idea how under market my pay is. I am extra insulted!  I think this new found knowledge makes me even more militant at work. Like. Nat Turner militant. I think my employer is running an indentured servant program. 

Our workweeks consist of 8 days straight then we are given 4 days off. This basically wears us the hell out. If you read any of my tweets concerning the Nut Hut you know how stressful my job is. By day 5 or so I run out of juice. In laymen’s terms.. I don’t care anymore. As long as a kid isn’t bleeding majorly, I don’t want to hear it. Not very therapeutic of me. Another unfortunate byproduct of working 8 on 4 off is you are too exhausted to look for employment elsewhere. You are in the matrix or perhaps a mouse on a little rat wheel running your heart out and getting NOWHERE.

There are success stories I hear. Sometimes people actually make it off of the plantation. One day you see a coworker.. Then.. They just sort of disappear. If you ask about them the standard response is “so and so is no longer with us”. I live for the day when the statement can be applied to my name. This is basically how the conversation will go.. “Hey where is Oracle? Is she on another one of her vacations?” Response “Oracle kick ass though she is, is no longer with us”.  Yeah… They are pretty much going to be saying that about me really soon and that gives me motivation to stay off of twitter and turn my resume into a skeleton key which will open ANY door.

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