Wow. Today I received some news that has me reeling. I am not really going to blog about it. But I am numb and scared.

Life is so fragile and one thing can permanently shatter the gossamer bond between what we believe to be true and what is reality. I want to cry. Cry for everything and everyone. Cry for every injustice, every victim, winners, losers, cry for the frailty of life, cry for the permanence of death...

I have a splitting headache. It only makes sense to retreat to a deep slumber and hopefully this nightmare will go away by the time I wake up. My life is a horror movie under normal circumstances. Now it has gotten even scarier. A nightmare encased within a bad dream. I'm every hopeful that I will wake up. Please.. Please let me wake up.

I believe in magic and that if you wish hard enough your wish will be granted.
I believe in the laughter of children and the smiles of little Boston Terrors ooops I mean Terriers.
 I believe in the infinite power of the ocean and being baptized in it as often as possible.
I believe sugar is as close to an angel's kiss as mortals can get.

I believe rainbows have a pot of gold on the other side.
I believe in dancing in the rain.

I believe in singing songs which are written spontaneously in your heart as loud as you possibly can.
I believe we can all be healed, when we are ready.
I believe ice cream is a magic elixir, also Jack Daniels.

I believe God loves us all no matter how awful we are.
I believe all women need one pair of super sexy shoes preferably in red.

I believe in miracles and with each sunrise possibilities are endless.
I believe when you take a nap you can hit the reset button on a crummy day.
I believe a good pedicure is better than going to the gym. 

I believe close friendships save thousands of dollars in therapy.
I believe in the power of the written word and strength leaps from every page read.
I believe the smell of my mother is the most comforting scent in the universe.

I believe the kiss of a lover is more delicious than cotton candy.

I believe sunshine and long walks cure depression.
I believe in the beauty of randomness. 
I believe any problem can be solved with diligence and prayer.

I believe in you.
Now just start believing in yourself.

Well.. Lately something has dawned on me. Men are really some big ass cheaters. Like. When I was younger, I don't think I was paying attention. I did know how to spot a married man pretending he was single. It was quite easy. He would meet you for lunch, never call on the weekends, and if he called at night it was in hushed tones. Not to say I was a complete master of the game. Once I was hanging around (read screwing the brains out) of a married man. He was clever enough to fool even me. One night after I wore him out, I caught him in his car changing into another set of clothes. Needless to say, I shut that down. Buuuuttt.. I digress.

Let's start again. Oracle over 30. Yeah.. Men are some big ass cheaters. I am definitely not in the market for a man. Not even close however, I am noticing some alarming trends. Men are overly anxious to cheat on their wives and girlfriends. VERY ANXIOUS. Honestly a friend of mine uses the word "thirsty" as an adjective for men who are just pressed to get some woman scent on them. Lately I am getting approached more frequently by men who I know for a fact are attached to another woman in one way or another YET they are sniffing around me like I have meat in my pocket. WHAT THE HELL? Honestly, I do work in an environment that is predominately male so I spend LOTS of time with men. Statistically I should account for the large quantities of proposals I get; yet even outside of my job the offers keep coming. I feel for the women of these infidels. Honestly I do. I am quite sure they have no idea their men are acting the ass while they are not around. I also wonder how many women of ill repute are taking these men up on their offers? Let me give you an example of what I am exposed to.

(Him) Hey Oracle. You are so sexy to me.. We should hook up.
(Me) Uh.. No.. And you have a girlfriend/wife anyway.
(Him) So. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
(Me) You disgust me. Go do your work!

(Him) I am a married man but my wife isn't doing it for me anymore.
(Me) So? What does that have to do with me?
(Him) I'm just sayin' maybe you can fill in.
(Me) Like a sexual pinch hitter?
(Him) *getting excited* Yeah yeah like that.
(Me) I hope you catch Herpes.

Those are just a few brief examples. There are many many many more. I do not take pleasure in these advances at all. However, I admit I have an extremely flirty personality but have no intention of crossing the line. That is just disloyal to my sisters. I might be a Succubus, but I do have a code of ethics.  I also don't call these wives or girlfriends and warn them about their men. Conversations like that just turn out messy and many times the messenger gets killed. Instead I become cold and distant to the male offender hoping they will get the message. I am sure they won't. Men are thick in the head. I am sure there are plenty of good men out there who stay faithful and don’t act an ass at work or during business lunches or when they are out of town during a conference. Regular non-cheating propositioning Craigslist trolling men. For the lot of cheating men a pox on you.. I say a pox sir! Shame on you for your crimes against women.


Kanye West may have had a point when he wrote Spaceship.

"I've been working this graveshift and I ain't made shit. I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky"

It is coming up on my 1 year anniversary at the Nut Hut. It was never my intention to stay so long. Especially when I realized how bullshit the place is. They are not in the business of helping children, they are in the business of making money. There are so many things wrong with the company finding something right would be like looking for the Holy Grail.

I could take this time to list my grievances with the Nut Hut or tell amusing stories about the clients. Or talk about the raise I received which from what I can tell is 5 cents.  I could even scare the pants off of you with ghost stories, some I have been personally involved in and some I have heard tell of. Buuuut.. I won't. Instead I am going to focus on the positive. I have managed to make a change in the lives of a few kids. Show them that someone actually cares and means it. I provided consistency for kids who have only known chaos. So. For that I am grateful.

All of this sunshine rainbow stuff still doesn't negate my frantic job search. It is past time for me to move on. I stress MOVE. So. For all of those who pray. Please pray that I find another job more suitable to the life I am going to lead. And on that note.. Time to take my daily nap. I have to be back on the slave ship at 10:30 tonight.


I used to work with the coolest chick ever. She is fun, bubbly, hilarious,  she worked hard, and knew her stuff. When we were scheduled on the same shift it would be a gab fest of multi- cultural proportions.  See.. My friend isn't American. Honestly, the majority of people I am closest to are NOT Americans. I seem to collect a motley crew of friends I lovingly call my rainbow children. But I digress. My friend is from Pakistan. She moved here with her family abut 10 years ago and retained all of her cultural beliefs and morays. My friend is a devout Muslim. She refuses to eat gummy bears which I am constantly tempting her with  (gummy bears are not halal) and when we would go out for a drinkee lunch she would shyly order a virgin pina coloda. *shiver* My friend has reached the ripe old age of 28 and in her culture she is basically an old maid. She works extremely hard and is devoted to her family. In fact the majority of the money she earns is given freely to her mother in order to support them. She is the sole financial support of her younger brother who is in college and a last minute babysitter for her older sister. She grew up in a culture which puts family first and she is dedicated to them. None of which I can fault her for.

The problem is, how do you exist functionally between two totally different cultures? American culture is vastly different than Pakistani culture. How does she hold on to the traditions which are ingrained in her yet survive in this "modern" society. How does she live in the land of free choice and home of I do what I want and you deal with it? Basically she picks and chooses which customs to adopt. Like. She loves Thanksgiving, jeans (which she still wears modestly), cosmetics, and pizza (go figure). She also enjoys going out with groups of people who are non Muslim. Boy oh boy her family frowns on that. She is damn near forbidden to even go to the movies with an all girls group. When I picked her up once I noticed the tale tale sign of someone peeking out of the window. The same was true when I dropped her off a scant 4 hours later.

None of us knew what she was dealing with at home as she never ever told us. One in a great while when she was under a lot of stress we would see small fissures in her demeanor which she would quickly gloss over. We had no idea of the beatings she received at home, especially since she wore modest clothes and every inch of her was covered by some sort of fabric. At work she didn't wear a veil,  her face was always bruise-less. In her search to find a suitable husband, U (we will call her U) started chatting with men online. When we found out we warned her of the dangers, she smiled and dismissed our concerns. She was confident she knew what she was doing. I thought she was naive as hell. I felt personally responsible to help her navigate American culture as I used to teach a class on cultural sensitivity and anti-biased thinking (I also taught her prize phrases like bitchass and fuck this shit).

Somehow someway she met what I can only hope is a decent man. He is also from Pakistan so one would think he would understand the bind he was putting her in. They were secretly dating for 2 weeks when her family found out and the jig was up. Her family believed she brought dishonor upon their house and they were going to kill her. Americans are horrified by the thought of honor killing. Hell. We can't even stand female circumcision. However, no matter what we think about, honor killing is real. It goes on all over the world and even here in our FRONT yard. Just the killing of a dog gets all kinds of press, however honor killing is a back burner type of issue. We don't like it, but we aren't going to do to much about it except politic and pay it lip service.

Once I was alerted to the severity of the situation I WASN'T going to pay it lip service. I along with other former co workers went into action. There was no way we were going to let our vivacious, loving, devout, friend die over a few dates. Hell.. Over anything. She could have done porn for all I cared. She was not going to die at the hand of her family members. It is every one's American right to embarrass the hell out of their family. Our country was built on that.

I won't go into all the details, but this story has a happy ending of sorts. To prevent her from being killed and to discontinue the waves being made in the Pakistani community, they got married. After knowing each other 3 weeks! Once again we were aghast. I hope this works out for them. The other options we presented to her were unacceptable to her as they would alienate her from her family and her community. So perhaps all is well that ends well. However, some traditions need to stay the hell in the country the immigrant left. America isn't the "melting pot" that people enjoy calling it. We just didn't melt together into some fondue, a perfect blend of all cultures. America is like Stone Soup. Diverse people bring different spices, meats, and vegetables to the pot. Some we accept graciously and some we can do the hell without. Annnd on that note I shall climb off my sparkly pink soapbox.


Sidenote** Usually I am not concerned about offending people so I hope not to have upset anyone with this post. However,  on many levels I feel very strongly about honor killing and female circumcision.  I want people to understand that I am very sensitive to other people's cultures and do not wish for them to be homogenized into cookie cutter Americans. I think it is a wonderful thing to retain your cultural and religious identity. AS LONG AS it doesn't involve killing someone over honor OR removing women's body parts to keep her pure. That just pisses me the hell off, culture or no culture.

FIN for real this time.
It is no secret that I have an obsession with....

This season was the best yet. What is not to love. Vampires. SEX. Werewolves. SEX. Fairy. SEX. Telepaths. SEX. Shape Shifters. SEX. Witches. SEX... This has to be one of the sexiest cast of characters I have ever seen. And.. I LOVE IT! 
My crush on Eric Northman has intensified. Between the books and the show I just swoon when his name comes up. Everything about him is so sexual. This Viking is just smoldering sexuality and I eat it up voraciously. 
Sookie needs to stop beating around the bush and just give up the cookies, cakes, and pies to Eric. After all that would mean more sex scenes with him. More sex scenes means more nudity. Win for me! 
Also the sex pot Alcide Hevereaux showed up. What a werewolf. This man would have me howling at the moon every night. Well. Except when the moon is full. Then I would stay home alone OR go visit Eric. Hopefully next season we will see more of him. I mean that figuratively and LITERALLY. 
Soo.. Godrick came back.. I liked him. I don't know exactly where they are going with this character. He is like some sort of vamparitic angel or something? Maybe a vampire ghost? He can keep his clothes on. Godrick was sorta short so he didn't really do it for me.  Godrick can stay.
Russell.. What in the hell?  Appearing on television ripping out the spine of the newscaster?  "And now for the weather.. Tiffany?" Nutty as hell! Carrying around Talbot vampire goo in a Waterford crystal urn? Can we say.. INSANE! Is he really gone? We shall see.

Sam.. Turning into a badass? Please.. Not believable. Totally not believable. Although a shape shifter he is pretty boring. So next season.. Less Sam. His story line with the trashy family was a snooze fest. Annnnnd he can keep his clothes on too. He is also short. 

Arlene and her demonic baby.. Yeah.. Not feeling it. Less of her too. And do something with her hair.

Honestly an underutilized character is Pam. They totally need to expand her storyline. She is such an interesting character with many layers yet they continuously keep her in the background. So. MORE PAM! She has a sense of humor and can deliver a line like "Are you picking up what I am putting down" with so much panache.

Sadly Lorena met the true death. Too damn bad. She had fire. "I will rip your ribcage out and wear it as a hat" who says that? Well besides Russell who wanted to eat everyone and their children. I will miss the ruthless brutality of Lorena, plus her wardrobe was kick ass.

Lafayette! Oh how I love him! What a character. Although he died in the books I am so delighted he was spared on the show. I expect to see more and more of him especially since he now has a love interest. So yay! More Lafayette and his crazy momma.

Will Eric kill bitchass Bill already? I am so sick of Bill Compton. He is weak as tapwater and the fake ass southern accent is getting on my nerves. I live right next to Louisiana and I can attest to nobody sounds like that there. NOBODY. Candy ass Bill needs to meet the true death. PLEASE. Put us all out of our misery. Less Bill. Rather just kill him.

Franklyn Mott.. What a fruitcake.. He was seriously certifiable. Tara needs to pull it together in regards to her taste in men. Jason took care of this rogue with a wooden bullet. 

Talbot. How annoying. I know plenty of gay men and he is by far the queeniest most repulsive representative of the lot. So delighted he got it.  The gay love scene between Talbot and Eric sorta turned my stomach. I was delighted it wasn't too graphic. My lustful dreams of Eric returned after a week or so. I wasn't too traumatized.

Why does Crystal always look dirty?  Will her black eye ever go away? Her neighbor/family in Hot Shot are West Virginiaish and just horrible. Less of her PLEASE. Inbred panthers are just not interesting enough to watch. LESS Crystal. Better yet. Just kill her and blow up Hot Shot. We do not need anymore "uncle-daddies".

The only good thing about Tara is she has a rockin body. This season she spent the entire time playing the "scared negro" as my friend Aja says. Hopefully she will pull it together. She can stay if her storyline produces a man that looks like this

Or someone who look very much like Eggs. WE liked looking at Eggs. Especially when he was sans clothes.

Jason Stackhouse.. What an idiot. However, if he spends the majority of the next season like this.. I am ok with him. He can stay.. Just not talk.
*whew* I had to look at that picture 5 more times before moving on. Just looked at it again. giggle.

Ah. The Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne. Boy can she dress! That may be the cause of her financial troubles. Either way hopefully she doesn't die. Besides Pam none of the other female characters can pull together a cohesive outfit. Sookie looks like she finds her stuff at Wal-Mart right along with Tara and Arlene. Get some more characters with style damn it! Vampires aren't the only group of beings with some sense of fashion. More Sophie-Anne. In my dream of dreams she kills Bill of whom I really hate. 

Sookie can stay too. Only for the Eric sex scenes. That would be her main purpose. She should also get it on with Alcide. 

SO that is my wrap up of True Blood Season 3. Who should go. Who should stay (Eric, Pam, Alcide). Who thankfully met the true death. What to do what to do until season 4 starts? I might go into withdrawals. 
I just looked at the picture of Jason Stackhouse again.. and again.. tee hee hee


Today the nation remembers one of the most devastating acts of aggression and terrorism directed towards America. I totally remember what I was doing when the planes hit the towers. Sit ups. It was just an ordinary day. I was doing sit ups complaining to myself how my pooch seems to never go completely away. In the next room Anne was sleeping in. Once the events started to unfold, I ran into her room, woke her up, and for the rest of the day we (Anne, Oracle, and Willie the dog) sat on her bed in HORROR. Complete HORROR. We were in Washington DC what seems like hours before this event took place actually TALKING about if terrorists attacked America where would they strike. Eerily this conversation took place as we were passing by the Pentagon. To this day I wonder if somehow. Someway. I picked up on the energy of what was about to happen. I had no concrete idea of how it WOULD happen but down to the exact places I was spot on. Although the ex kept trying to say Texas would be a target (Anne and I tried to explain to him nobody wants Texas but Texans). Then mere hours later Anne and I were safely at home living our normal lives while so many people lost theirs.

What I like to focus on is how for a few weeks, Americans stopped focusing on race. People came together. Neighbors checked on each other. I was so proud to be an American during this time because it was a glimpse of what we COULD be as a nation if we stopped focusing on what divides us and concentrate on what unifies us. We are ALL Americans first. We should stand strong TOGETHER.

It is almost the 10 year mark for September 11th. In those years a lot has changed. Some things have stayed the same. I would like to honor the people who are no longer with us with a list of things we as people who are still here need to focus on. Not social-economical status, or race, or religion.. No. When it all comes down to it, these things are irrelevant.  (some of these ideas are poached)

Focus on Living Your Life to the Fullest
  1. When you lose, don't lose the lesson lest you repeat it again and again until you get it. 
  2. Respect yourself, Respect others, Responsibility for all of your actions.
  3. Not getting what you want can be actually a good thing. 
  4. Don't let a small fissure ruin a great friendship.
  5. Talk to your family often no matter how much you think they get on your nerves. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. You can't get time back. 
  6. When you make a mistake, instead of complaining, use that energy to correct it. 
  7. Spend time alone each day. It helps you clear your thoughts. You can differentiate what you think vs what people around you think.
  8. Open your heart to change, yet do not let go of your values. 
  9. Silence is sometimes the best answer. 
  10. Once a year go someplace you have never gone before. 
  11. Memories are priceless, try to increase the good ones and do not let the bad ones rule your thoughts. 
  12. The simplest things will bring you the most joy.
  13. Listen more than you speak, you will learn a lot that way.
  14. Never underestimate the power of a healthy diet, daily exercise, water, adequate rest, sunshine, and the love of people around you. 
  15. You don't have to follow all the things on this list. Just most of them cuz I said so! 

Things I want Thursday.. YES! My cosmic wish list of things I want damnit! Make no mistake I am quite thankful for what I have but, come on.. Everyone has a list no matter how long or short of things they want.  So without further ado! Oracle's Things I WANT Thursday! *cue the dancing girls*

Yadda yadda.. I want world peace and for all children to get a quality education and to not get abused by anyone... now that I have gotten that out of the way let's get to the good stuff. Warning.. I am quite materialistic! *rubs hands together*

 I want Frasier C Puppykins to be perfectly trained, behaved, and a model dog who naps contentiously and rarely barks. 
I want a new job where I make gobs of money and have a great benefits package. Said job should also provide me with a shoe budget and long lunch breaks which I can put on the company card. Also I do not want to work in an environment where all the coworkers are out to get each other AND I have job security.
I want Georgetown Cupcakes. Not just ANY cupcakes. GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES as they are the best in the stratosphere.
I want Dave Matthews to sit on the edge of my bed and sing me to sleep every night.
I want my student loans and credit cards to be paid off completely. I want to be debt free.
I want a Gucci bag so large you can see the Gucci logo from the moon.
I want a diamond and gold Hello Kitty ring.. Not the cheezy ones with fake stones. A REAL DIAMOND HELLO KITTY RING. 

I want to live in a beach cottage. Every morning I want to wake up and look at the ocean from my bedroom. Every night BEFORE Dave Matthews sings me to sleep I want to stroll along the beach with Puppykins.
I want a Mini Cooper. Not that I don't have a kick car right now, but I want a Mini Cooper. They are so cute! Plus I would reduce my carbon footprint.
I want Alcide Herveaux.. Lots. All the time. Every day..

I want pink Christian Louboutin shoes. PINK ones!

Ehh.. That is enough for now. The universe should be pretty busy fulfilling my wish list.  I won't be greedy.