Things I want Thursday.. YES! My cosmic wish list of things I want damnit! Make no mistake I am quite thankful for what I have but, come on.. Everyone has a list no matter how long or short of things they want.  So without further ado! Oracle's Things I WANT Thursday! *cue the dancing girls*

Yadda yadda.. I want world peace and for all children to get a quality education and to not get abused by anyone... now that I have gotten that out of the way let's get to the good stuff. Warning.. I am quite materialistic! *rubs hands together*

 I want Frasier C Puppykins to be perfectly trained, behaved, and a model dog who naps contentiously and rarely barks. 
I want a new job where I make gobs of money and have a great benefits package. Said job should also provide me with a shoe budget and long lunch breaks which I can put on the company card. Also I do not want to work in an environment where all the coworkers are out to get each other AND I have job security.
I want Georgetown Cupcakes. Not just ANY cupcakes. GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES as they are the best in the stratosphere.
I want Dave Matthews to sit on the edge of my bed and sing me to sleep every night.
I want my student loans and credit cards to be paid off completely. I want to be debt free.
I want a Gucci bag so large you can see the Gucci logo from the moon.
I want a diamond and gold Hello Kitty ring.. Not the cheezy ones with fake stones. A REAL DIAMOND HELLO KITTY RING. 

I want to live in a beach cottage. Every morning I want to wake up and look at the ocean from my bedroom. Every night BEFORE Dave Matthews sings me to sleep I want to stroll along the beach with Puppykins.
I want a Mini Cooper. Not that I don't have a kick car right now, but I want a Mini Cooper. They are so cute! Plus I would reduce my carbon footprint.
I want Alcide Herveaux.. Lots. All the time. Every day..

I want pink Christian Louboutin shoes. PINK ones!

Ehh.. That is enough for now. The universe should be pretty busy fulfilling my wish list.  I won't be greedy.


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On September 9, 2010 at 6:11 PM , Alicia said...

I want a lot of that too!! Hehe!! If you lived near me you could see Dave Matthews while out having your long lunch on the company card! And you could go shopping, pick up the Gucci bag and grab a dozen Georgetown Cupakes (yep, THE GC!) and make it home in time for happy hour!! No shit! This is where I live!!