It is no secret that I have an obsession with....

This season was the best yet. What is not to love. Vampires. SEX. Werewolves. SEX. Fairy. SEX. Telepaths. SEX. Shape Shifters. SEX. Witches. SEX... This has to be one of the sexiest cast of characters I have ever seen. And.. I LOVE IT! 
My crush on Eric Northman has intensified. Between the books and the show I just swoon when his name comes up. Everything about him is so sexual. This Viking is just smoldering sexuality and I eat it up voraciously. 
Sookie needs to stop beating around the bush and just give up the cookies, cakes, and pies to Eric. After all that would mean more sex scenes with him. More sex scenes means more nudity. Win for me! 
Also the sex pot Alcide Hevereaux showed up. What a werewolf. This man would have me howling at the moon every night. Well. Except when the moon is full. Then I would stay home alone OR go visit Eric. Hopefully next season we will see more of him. I mean that figuratively and LITERALLY. 
Soo.. Godrick came back.. I liked him. I don't know exactly where they are going with this character. He is like some sort of vamparitic angel or something? Maybe a vampire ghost? He can keep his clothes on. Godrick was sorta short so he didn't really do it for me.  Godrick can stay.
Russell.. What in the hell?  Appearing on television ripping out the spine of the newscaster?  "And now for the weather.. Tiffany?" Nutty as hell! Carrying around Talbot vampire goo in a Waterford crystal urn? Can we say.. INSANE! Is he really gone? We shall see.

Sam.. Turning into a badass? Please.. Not believable. Totally not believable. Although a shape shifter he is pretty boring. So next season.. Less Sam. His story line with the trashy family was a snooze fest. Annnnnd he can keep his clothes on too. He is also short. 

Arlene and her demonic baby.. Yeah.. Not feeling it. Less of her too. And do something with her hair.

Honestly an underutilized character is Pam. They totally need to expand her storyline. She is such an interesting character with many layers yet they continuously keep her in the background. So. MORE PAM! She has a sense of humor and can deliver a line like "Are you picking up what I am putting down" with so much panache.

Sadly Lorena met the true death. Too damn bad. She had fire. "I will rip your ribcage out and wear it as a hat" who says that? Well besides Russell who wanted to eat everyone and their children. I will miss the ruthless brutality of Lorena, plus her wardrobe was kick ass.

Lafayette! Oh how I love him! What a character. Although he died in the books I am so delighted he was spared on the show. I expect to see more and more of him especially since he now has a love interest. So yay! More Lafayette and his crazy momma.

Will Eric kill bitchass Bill already? I am so sick of Bill Compton. He is weak as tapwater and the fake ass southern accent is getting on my nerves. I live right next to Louisiana and I can attest to nobody sounds like that there. NOBODY. Candy ass Bill needs to meet the true death. PLEASE. Put us all out of our misery. Less Bill. Rather just kill him.

Franklyn Mott.. What a fruitcake.. He was seriously certifiable. Tara needs to pull it together in regards to her taste in men. Jason took care of this rogue with a wooden bullet. 

Talbot. How annoying. I know plenty of gay men and he is by far the queeniest most repulsive representative of the lot. So delighted he got it.  The gay love scene between Talbot and Eric sorta turned my stomach. I was delighted it wasn't too graphic. My lustful dreams of Eric returned after a week or so. I wasn't too traumatized.

Why does Crystal always look dirty?  Will her black eye ever go away? Her neighbor/family in Hot Shot are West Virginiaish and just horrible. Less of her PLEASE. Inbred panthers are just not interesting enough to watch. LESS Crystal. Better yet. Just kill her and blow up Hot Shot. We do not need anymore "uncle-daddies".

The only good thing about Tara is she has a rockin body. This season she spent the entire time playing the "scared negro" as my friend Aja says. Hopefully she will pull it together. She can stay if her storyline produces a man that looks like this

Or someone who look very much like Eggs. WE liked looking at Eggs. Especially when he was sans clothes.

Jason Stackhouse.. What an idiot. However, if he spends the majority of the next season like this.. I am ok with him. He can stay.. Just not talk.
*whew* I had to look at that picture 5 more times before moving on. Just looked at it again. giggle.

Ah. The Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne. Boy can she dress! That may be the cause of her financial troubles. Either way hopefully she doesn't die. Besides Pam none of the other female characters can pull together a cohesive outfit. Sookie looks like she finds her stuff at Wal-Mart right along with Tara and Arlene. Get some more characters with style damn it! Vampires aren't the only group of beings with some sense of fashion. More Sophie-Anne. In my dream of dreams she kills Bill of whom I really hate. 

Sookie can stay too. Only for the Eric sex scenes. That would be her main purpose. She should also get it on with Alcide. 

SO that is my wrap up of True Blood Season 3. Who should go. Who should stay (Eric, Pam, Alcide). Who thankfully met the true death. What to do what to do until season 4 starts? I might go into withdrawals. 
I just looked at the picture of Jason Stackhouse again.. and again.. tee hee hee


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On September 15, 2010 at 6:48 AM , Kyra said...

I thought I sensed an increase in Alcide interest in the last weeks. Coincidence that it timed with the Eric/Talbot scene? I think not! Now for the weather... Tiffany? (Loved that line!)

On September 16, 2010 at 10:59 AM , dijobo87 said...

I agree, 100% with you(mostly)...Do you think Jason is gonna become what he became in the books?...I hope so that would up the awesome factor in his story line...

On September 16, 2010 at 11:04 AM , Absentminded Oracle said...

@dijobo87 If Jason becomes a panther in the series it would make sense considering he is now in charge of Hot Shot and they obviously need a leader. So perhaps. It would be nice for him to have a purpose.

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