Well.. Ok. So... Yeah.. I tried my best NOT to buy stuff at Macy's.. I mean.. What is the use of a second job if you are blowing your paycheck on junk at said job? Did you say sounds like a wash? Yep. I think so too. I have gone WEEKS without purchasing ANYTHING from Macy's and believe me it was hella difficult.

The will is strong.. The flesh is weak.. Even someone who has as much willpower and determination as Oracle can break. So I did. I mean. How long do you expect me to work around such cool stuff and not bring some of it home? Plus I have justification for some of it. A friend of mine once told me intelligent people are masters at justification. So. Basically I am about to make a case for my intelligence. I got a GREAT DEAL on everything I bought. So honestly I SAVED money rather than spent it. AND I really really needed this stuff.. No.. I really did.. For real.

Without further preamble...


Tiffany Sunglasses! Look at the cool Tiffany Blue case! It was worth buying the glasses for the case. Plus these glasses are adorable and have little hearts on the sides. I needed these glasses because the UV rays in Texas are much stronger than the ones on the East Coast so my eyes were taking a beating without proper protection. I am now fashionably guarded from the harmful Texas sun! Well worth the price. Plus I did get a discount on them. 

A diffuser set. Everyone should use diffusers. They are not only lovely but so superior to plug ins. I needed these as I hate plug ins and burning candles is dangerous considering Puppykins is nosy and always manages to get hurt. Let's not forget Nairgate 2010.

Gray pearl and Hematite necklace. I so needed this! Hematite is a stone that has healing and grounding properties. It is for healing the body and defending the wearer from life's stresses. Hematite is great for inspiring inner peace. Pearls are also calming and centering. They give purity and promote faith, loyalty, integrity, truth, and charity. Pearls help women connect with the Goddess or feminine energy.  Considering I work at the Nut Hut, I need this necklace as it promotes all the qualities I need to perform my job to optimum ability. Plus it is damn pretty. Sorta preppy chic. 

Bobbi Brown cosmetics.. I mean come on. No need for justification. I NEED these things.

Channel Rouge Allure Laque. Honestly I am not going to try to justify this purchase. I wanted it. I have at least 30 different lip glosses. The price is ridiculously high, I've paid lower electric bills than what this lip gloss costs. But. It is worth it. If you have ever tried it, you will agree.. 

This cute little Pink Pig flashlight.. I need this for the Nut Hut.. After all I work nights! 

I have obviously been a busy bee at work. Not so much doing my job, but walking around buying shit. Hopefully next week I will be back on the No Spending Wagon. If not. You can expect another post of my new stuff I wouldn't live without. 


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