Well.. Honestly.. There is something I have to do.. And.. I really do not want to do it. The entire task is going to bring up old wounds which never healed. I just learned to live with the dull pain and ache of them. Now. I have to explore down the canals of my memories and sip the bitter wine of my cleverly buried past.

I don't want to be a hero. Being a coward is much easier. Let someone else be the hero. I can be extremely supportive of heroes. I like working behind the scenes. No need to put me in the front of the parade like a majorette.

I'd rather be at home. In bed. Reading. Or just getting some much needed sleep. The entire task ahead of me has stressed me out so badly I have hives. Lovely. I suppose I'm going to have to dig deep and do what is right. I'd rather not. Unfortunately, I have no choice. This issue took on a life of it's own. Like yeast. It just keeps growing and growing.. I am living in my own Little Shoppe of Horrors. The plant has been fed and fed and fed and now it is out of my control.

Stay tuned. There shall be a follow up post when I collect myself.


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