Now that it has come to my attention I might just be a tad materialistic, I have been actively watching my spending habits. Basically, trying to downgrade. I went to Target yesterday because I needed to get a few new dresses for work and I didn’t want to spend a grip on them. Well. Let’s just say.. It didn’t go well. I think I might be a tad spoiled because I have been insulated in the bubble of higher end clothing for years. Working for Nordstrom ruined me. Things like double stitching and better quality fabrics are a mainstay in my closet. Although Target has “celebrity” designers they are definitely keeping the costs down by sacrificing on quality. This concept can totally be filed in the “You Can’t Get Something for Nothing” cabinet. You get what you pay for.. I would rather pay more for something that I really love than less for something that I would feel uncomfortable wearing. Nothing compares to the flattering fit and luxurious fabric of a DVF dress. NOTHING. In my estimation there is magic woven in Missoni prints and don’t even get me started on Prada and Miu Miu!

I am not knocking Target at all. The store has some great stuff, however their clothing lines are not Targeted towards me (tee hee hee I love a good pun). I also tried going to Old Navy. Same deal. Cute stuff but I just couldn’t get past the feel of the material. One sweater was so itchy I was convinced it harbored a colony of fleas in it. A skirt bunched up so oddly on me I wasn’t sure if it was the skirt or I had shape shifted into another body. My next stop was Buffalo Exchange. If you are not familiar with Buffalo Exchange, they market themselves as “upscale resale”. In laymen’s terms.. A snobby thrift store. Honestly, like all thrift stores from Purple Heart to the Goodwill to Twice as Nice the Buffalo Exchange had a pungent odor to it. I didn’t even bother looking through the racks. Basically I rolled snake eyes in this downsizing experiment.

So I started thinking. I have 3 closets full of beautiful clothes that are tailored to my shape. Well. They are tailored to the shape I was BEFORE I started working the graveyard shift. I have two options. I can either buy all new clothes which would cost a small fortune, OR I could lose weight which I have been trying and failing at on and off for the past couple of months. Then. Like a lightening bolt from Thor.. It hit me. Liposuction!  Yes! The lazy girl’s way out of a losing battle with weight loss! I ran the idea by a few friends with varying degrees of acceptance. I did get more diet and exercise advice than I felt like listening to. Those conversations were cut radically short. In the end, it is my decision so instead of driving around town looking for clothes to fit my new and unimproved figure, I decided to research smart lipo.

Well.. The verdict is in.. SMART LIPO is for ME! I am going to do it. After the holidays are over,  I am going to have smart lipo done. In the end, it is going to cost LESS than buying new clothes (especially since I adore my old clothes) which will be my version of downsizing. Perhaps my rationale makes no sense to many but it does to me and in the end that is all that matters. Thousands of dollars will be saved by not purchasing new clothes AND I will have my body back.. Win WIN WINNAH!


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