The *cough* great state of Texas hasn't been good to me. Basically, since I have been here I have endured heartache and pain.. Trials and tribulations.. Struggles and more struggles.. All my hard work has garnered... MORE HARD WORK.. I feel like a modern day Ulysses and being in Texas is my Trojan War.. Getting home is my Odyssey.. The East Coast is my Ithaca.

I could give a detailed accounting of how much Texas has sucked but it would take hours to type out all of the horrors I have endured while I am here.. I am not in the mood to type until my fingers bleed so I will keep it brief.

  1.  Journey to Houston took 2 days, numerous arguments, threats to turn around, and a host of other complications. 
  2.  Finding out I married basically a total stranger who bitched with the efficiency of a pissed off mother. 
  3. My beloved Volvo died which forced me to get a new car subsequently a car payment after years of payment free living.
  5. Numerous mental break downs and piecing myself together with Xanax and wine.
  6. Deciding to stop self medicating with Xanax and wine.
  7.  Death of Willie the greatest dog in the world. More Xanax and wine.
  8.  Death of my already on life support sex life. 
  9.  Living in a house I absolutely hate.
  10.  DIVORCE
 HONORABLE MENTION- Gaining 40 pounds of depression weight

Sooo yeah.. Texas has sucked 4 good years out of me with the productivity of a starving vampire. You gotta know when to hold um and know when to fold um. The universe is obviously sending me a clear message. Kinda like in the Amityville Horror.. When the people walked in the house and the scary voice said "Get OUT" they stayed.. Only to suffer catastrophe after calamity. I think I kinda didn't listen to the GET OUT voice when I got here. For years I kept plugging away trying to scratch out a life in a place hostile to me. When I could have saved myself all kinds of quandaries by listening to the initial warning.

Well universe.. Lesson learned.. I will listen next time and stop usurping your wisdom for mine. As it is obvious and abundantly clear I am not wise nor full of as much enlightenment as I like to think I have. So in the words of the great Kenny Rodgers.. I know when to walk away and I know when to RUN.. Right back to the East Coast..


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