You can't change other people. It is rude and stupid to try. All that will happen is you will be tired, pissed off, and perhaps divorced. Psychotropic drugs may also factor in the equation.
 If you are talking to someone you don't know well, chances are they may know a helluva lot more about the subject being discussed than you do. There is a great possibility you could come off looking like a total jackass.

People that get to the point quickly are listened to 100% more than those who tell long convoluted stories. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone and running out of patience before the soliloquy is over. 

Bad moods come and go.. Just ride with it.. They are fun and trying to suppress them will just make then last longer.

People embellish everything for dramatic effect or to make themselves look better or others look worse. Either way, use division and subtraction when listening to a story.

Putting something off makes it not only harder but more insurmountable. Just take a deep breath and a leap of faith. You will feel better on the other side.

Blame is a tool of those who dislike taking responsibility for their foibles.

Getting truly organized can streamline and simplify your life.

Posture, clothing, and the way you present yourself have a profound effect on how you feel as well as how others view you. Nobody likes a slouchy slob.

The urge to punish others has more to do with venting frustration than correcting the offensive behavior. Just talk it out. Saves time on punishing the person again when the behavior persists and it will.. Believe me.

Everyone is a hypocrite. EVERYONE

The easiest way to make someone's day is to be extremely pleasant and polite. Cheap way of paying it forward.

There are not enough women in power positions.. The world has suffered due to this appalling fact.

Sometimes you have to excavate people from your life to be happy.. This includes family. Frequently.

Music can change a mood instantaneously.

Wishing your life was different is an excellent and efficient way to torture yourself. Make a list of the changes you would like to make then work on it. Be goal oriented.

Credit card debt is a trick of evil minions from hell forcing us to slave away at jobs we hate and sell out souls for minimum payments.

Most of what we see is what we believe we see. Just do the gorilla experiment. Shocking! 

If you are miserable single a relationship is just going to highlight it and multiply the unhappiness by 2. 

 Everyone thinks they are an exceptional lover. This is only true if you are a Scorpio. Trust me. Scorpios are phenomenal lovers. (this was the MOST IMPORTANT FACT)


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On November 20, 2010 at 1:54 PM , Frumpy Curmudgeon said...

People embellish everything for dramatic effect or to make themselves look better or others look worse. Either way, use division and subtraction when listening to a story.

I encounter this in my job nearly every day. I call this concept "customer spin". More often than not, when a customer complains a field rep or phone rep was rude, he or she is simply mad said rep didn't give him or her what he or she wanted.

When I was a TV news photographer, if someone called the station to complain a news car "ran me off the road" - the more likely reality was that the driver of said car was trying to rush to a spot news story and might have been speeding and/or changing lanes.

Great post. thanks. :)

On November 23, 2010 at 2:30 PM , Anonymous said...

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On December 1, 2010 at 6:34 PM , Anonymous said...

Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :)

On February 23, 2011 at 6:31 PM , Anonymous said...

C'était vraiment intéressant. Je l'ai aimé la lecture

On February 23, 2011 at 8:32 PM , Poor Kate said...

This proves again what an insightful woman you are. I love your forthrightness, honey.

Love your blog.

xx j