Kanye West may be an ass.. Well.. Actually he is an ass.. BUT he was on to something when he wrote the Gold Digger song. I'm not saying I am a Gold Digger.. But I am definitely not messing with no broke broke... These days men are expecting MORE from women and doing much much less than they were before. Expecting to be taken on a date and being treated like a lady will only get your feelings hurt. Getting a man to pick up a check is about as easy as finding the fountain of youth. A legend we have all heard of but never experienced.
 Men are using the excuse women are only out for their money to be lazy. When did expecting a man to be a gentleman become being a Gold Digger? Also, when did men become so cheap, sloppy, and lazy about romancing a woman?
Are we to believe this spin doctrine? Men unfairly rationalize  that the women's liberation movement (which most of it happened before my generation) means a woman should either pay her half (understandable if HE doesn't as YOU out) OR flat out pay for him. That is NOT what the equality movement was about. Women want equal pay in the workplace and last time I checked, men still make MORE money than we do for the same amount of work. This is such a shame considering women's work is far more superior AND efficient than any work a man does. But I digress. Men are just being cheap. They would rather spend the extra money on video games, golf, clothes, their car.. magic beans... the list goes on and on. Instead of showing a lady a good time which believe me, costs US more in the long run than them (cosmetics, clothes, perfume, getting your hair done alone is a fortune), men  throw around the label Gold Digger as a straw man of some sort to spingali women into thinking it is wrong to expect a man to pony cash up for a date.
I have to give men credit. Their campaign was sneaky and effective. People these days are quite apt to label women as Gold Diggers without hesitation. Deserved title or not.  Hell.. Even women refer to other women as Gold Diggers. It is a shame men are so clever they turn women against each other. We are so preoccupied about what other women are doing we don't seem to notice how slouchy men are. Is it gold digging to expect a man to pull out his wallet? Uh no. Gender roles are important and do not need to be blurred. 
We are living in a material world and I am most definitely a material girl. I have no problem paying for my own stuff, just don't expect me to pay for yours. However, I rarely turn down a gift or a night out on the town.  I'm not a Gold Digger but I'm not messing with a broke.. broke..


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