Oddly enough, I get a lot of feedback from my blogs which contain lots of pictures. I guess people don't care much of what I say but enjoy looking at pictures. Honestly, I do not consider myself a professional blogger by any means. I just write what I am thinking about and move on to the next topic. Basically my blog is a schizophrenia of pictures and ramblings of a confused woman who keeps it together with frosting,  glitter, puppy kisses, and booze. Today I am going to appease the masses and keep my chatter to a bare minimum. (I know.. people are like too late) Tonight.. I dedicate this post to things I am feeling friday. More skitzoness.

I feel like going to the park and swinging till I recapture the innocence of youth or I get a headache. Whichever comes first. 
I am feeling like a good Red Velvet cupcake is magic. It can fix anything in 3 bites or less. 

I am feeling like eating a BLT for dinner. Not any BLT, but a gooooood one made with thick smoked bacon, crisp lettuce, firm tomatoes, and a thin layer of mayo on some type of wheat bread. I don't want the bacon skimped on either. I want more than 3 slices. 
I am feeling these Succubus books. They are erotic, sexy, and dangerous. I am filling the void of True Blood with this series of books. If I were a supernatural creature, I am convinced I would be a Succubus. Honestly, I think I am a Succubus right now.
I am feeling like getting my hair cut like this. Long sexy bouncy layers of curls and sex appeal. Yeah. I think I am going to get my hair done like this. 

As always. I am feeling anything Hello Kitty unless it is tacky. There are a few tacky Hello Kitty products out there. I might write a blog about them one day. 
How sad I don't own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I am feeling like I need these pair. They are pink kittylicious which is basically me in shoe form. 
Right now I am feeling like listening to the blues. So I am currently listening to John Lee Hooker. All I am missing is a glass of whiskey with three ice cubes and a lime. I may remedy that in a few minutes. You can't listen to the blues without drinking whiskey. It is against the rules. 
I am feeling the lack of romance and passion in my life. This is distressing since I feed off of passion and romance. I feel I need to remedy this as soon as possible. I feel like I need to be kissed to the point of where I am dizzy and breathless. Till then.. I will keep reading books with romantic overtones and gratuitous sex. Oh. I need to put I am ALSO in need of gratuitous sex. Lots of it. 
I feel like dancing. Not just any dancing but the tango type dancing. Close contact dancing. Being led by a strong male partner dancing. 


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