Today is Thankful Tuesday. Last week I lost some of the stability in my life so I am trying to focus on the things I still have and be thankful for them.

Yeah.. I still don't have that pink Rolex I but I do have a job. These days just staying gainfully employed is a big deal.

I might not live in the mc mansion my friend Janee lives in (and believe me her house is stunning, she even had an interior designer furnish it) however, I do own my own home. I am thankful for my car.
I am thankful I can still afford to pay for it.

I am thankful for Puppykins. He makes me laugh uncontrollably daily. I am thankful for my family and friends. They never ever miss an opportunity to show me (rather than pay lip service) how much they love me. I am thankful I am able to pay my student loans. I am thankful for my health and shaky mental stability. And last but not least I thank God I am smart. So basically I have a LOT to be thankful for.
this picture reminds me of me and Heather

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