Last week I went home. Well. I went to Virginia Beach and to Washington DC. Whomever said you can never go home again must not have had my experience. It was extremely difficult to come back. Hell.. Even Delta airlines was working towards keeping me in Virginia. However, that is another story. A funny hilarious story but I will save it for another time. So. Yeah. Had the greatest time ever. It just reinforces my drive to move back to the east coast. It was nice being in an environment which is as familiar to you as your own body and surrounded around genuine people who love you without restrictions. I can't wait to crawl back into that nexus of happiness.

Things I Learned on Vacation
1. You can go home again.
2. Don't plan to have a cupcake tweet up unless you are in the city the day before. Otherwise you will be horribly late.
3. Virginia is a beautiful state full of intelligent and interesting people, it makes other states look really dumb.
4. People are smarter on the east coast. 
5. Do not buy your concert ticket till the day of in case it rains and you have no intention of getting wet.

6. Hang out with people who have similar interests otherwise you end out doing things you have no desire to do.
7. Target makes suprisingly nice skivvies.
8. Under pain of DEATH do NOT drive in DC!
9. People can disappoint you greatly no matter how much you invest in them.
10. What is considered hot is relative. Texas is hot.. Virginia is not.
11. Anne's car is rather zippy. I was doing 90 easily however, driving a stick in heels was uncomfortable when in stop and go traffic.

12. Yelp is a great help.

13. My exhusband isn't so bad. 
14. Georgetown Cupcakes are worth waiting in long lines.

15. Always have a back up plan, and another one, and another one.
16. Do not bring booze to Anne's house. She has that totally covered.

17. It is fun to teach naughty tricks to dogs which are not your own.
18. Green vacations are the way to go. GREEN VACATIONS.
19. When having dinner with kooks, just keep them talking about themselves, eventually someone will cry and it won't be you.
20. The drive into DC makes you hum patratoic songs and feel proud to be an American where at least you know you are free...

21. You will not get to see all of your friends. Don't try. It will only stress you out.
22. It is OK to drink copious amounts of liquor on your vacation. Not like you have to dry out to go to work.
23. I miss the beach. 

24. I really miss my friends.
25. I left my heart on the east coast. 

27. Some people/ things are never as good as the first time.

Yep that is my list. I MUST MUST MUST mention Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia. The burgers there are what dreams are made of.
 They are so good even the Prezzie eats there!

Georgetown Cupcakes are the best cupcakes in the UNIVERSE. It is no wonder they have a show.

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On July 22, 2010 at 9:03 AM , Kyra said...

Numbers 8, 10, and 20. Yes. And love 16. That's a well stocked bar.