So.. Yeah.. For over a year I have had this school girl crush on someone I met on twitter. We do not live in the same state or time zone even so our relationship has been basically lots and lots of talking. Somewhere in these marathon talk sessions I managed to lift Twitter Crush's feet off of the ground and onto a pedestal. People would be compared to Twitter Crush and would always come out on the losing end. How could anyone compete with basically an enigma or a character I basically created from components of reality and filled in the gaps with my imagination? The creative liberties I allotted myself to generate this perfect person are.. well.. epically delusional. While I was doing this I knew it was wrong but at the time I felt I needed a super hero. Twitter Crush was my crutch. A fantasy I could escape to when I needed repsite from the real world.

As with all fairy tales they have an ending.. When you dream, eventually you wake up. I am awake now. My eyes are open and I have finished typing out the last line on the last page of my fantasy novel. Twitter Crush is a real person with real frailties. The person I thought they were.... They really are not. The person I created doesn't exist. I clung on to the ideal of this perfect person only to be reminded that this phantom is fake. I am a tad bit sad as I mourn Twitter Crush, however it was past time for me to get a grip. Twitter Crush outstayed the welcome. I extended credit where it was unwarranted and undue. Twitter Crush is now dead, and the real person has been resurrected.

Thanks for the memories Twitter Crush wherever you are. You really helped me out through several rough patches in the past 18 or so months, but it is time to let you go. I did you a great disservice reshaping you into something and someone you are not. You were my crutch for quite a while.. Now it is time for me to walk alone. I hope you got as much out of our friendship as I did.


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