1.     I am totally and utterly disgusted by people who lick their finger then turn a page. It is just.. revolting. Number one. They are getting the page all wet with their disease infested saliva. Number two. They are transporting all kinds of bacteria from the page directly into their mouths! So they are putting hundreds of other people’s dirty fingers on their tongue. Ewww.

2.     I am secretly obsessed with weddings. I read wedding magazines and watch all sorts of wedding shows on cable. I fantasize about my own wedding. Especially since the first one was NOT what I wanted. The wedding sucked and so did the groom. Better luck next time Oracle. 

3.     Meatloaf grosses me out.. Like. Who thought of putting ground beef into a loaf pan and baking it to death and topping it off with catsup? What an all around bad idea. The smell of meatloaf can make me vomit. Easily.

4.     I speak several different languages, but if I am not careful I will answer in the wrong one. Many times Spanish is my go to language so I can hear something in another language and accidentally respond in Spanish. Talk about wires crossed.

5.     My mother was a beauty queen.. Honest to goodness real live beauty queen. She won a bunch of pageants and hoo haa in college. Once when my parents were in Hong Kong some Chinese business men tried to BUY her from my Dad.. He was unamused. She thought it was funny.  I got gypped because I look nothing like her. I am constantly pissed off about that cosmic slight. Shakes fist

6.      I have a tendency to develop crushes on people (men and women) then all of a sudden out of the blue, be completely over them. 

7.     I have amazing intuition. Also I am a kick ass lie detector. When people tell me stuff I hear the truth rather than what they are saying. This is the REAL reason I am such an effective psych. I also can tune into people and change their energy. My ability to calm people down has served me well at the Nut Hut, because when I am on the unit the kids are always calm. I am the only psych who hasn’t ever had to do a restraint because I can talk people down easily. I should be an X-Man. I can detect the cleverest lies, calm people down, and see the future. 

8.     I have never ever seen Lost, The Office, Smallville, So You Think You Can Dance, Mad Men, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, Glee, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 24, The Bachelor or the Bachelorette, Heroes, Private Practice, ER, Nip/Tuck, and a host of other super popular TV shows. Secretly, I feel like I’ve missed out.
 Oh yeah.. And once I think you are stupid.. You will always be stupid in my eyes. No un-ringing that bell. 

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On June 20, 2010 at 6:36 PM , KarBar said...

1) Ewwwww *that is all*
2) We're getting married again? ^5 =)
3) Meatloaf is a waste of good hamburgers
4) You're the multicultural Rainman w/a vag, I can dig it
5) Yay mommy! I can't wait to meet her!
6) You're a Scorp so...yeah that explains that
7) What's my future?
8) You need to join NetFlix and get an iPad so we can catch you up. Sitcoms make your life look good, nice to get lost in ignorance from time to time

oh and that last tidbit there....yeah we have seen that first hand....I'm surprised I'm still a 'friend'....I'm not stupid just emotional....oh and my baby's cute =)