Lately I feel as if my life is whirling around me. There is no way I am an active participant and all events are completely out of my control. I am just a bystander looking at the fallout. Sometimes  I am in the eye of the storm helplessly watching things furiously swirl violently around me, then other times I am in the cyclone myself being whipped about like a rag doll in a wind tunnel. Neither of these scenarios am I enjoying. The lack of stability is unnerving to me. I like being in control and tapping into my third eye to make the best possible choices for myself. Lately my third eye is either blind or on some sort of wacky strike. I am not in tune with the universe at all.
I wonder what the outcome of this cataclysmic event is going to be. For a chick with all the answers this place I am in is unnerving. I need to jumpstart my Oracleness with quickness. I need to start cleaning up the aftermath. Discard what is irrepicbally broken. Fix what isn’t. Decide what is not worth retaining and move on. It is time I plant my high-heeled feet firmly on the ground and stop letting fate play a full hand in my future. It can come to the table, but I have my poker face on and no matter what hand fate has, I will beat it.
So. I am going to start at the marrow of what is important to me, use that as the mortar and rebuild my life. After all.. I don’t have time to waste. I can’t stand idly by and LET things happen to me. I need to return to the true essence of  Oracle and MAKE what I want happen..
Things Oracle likes (in no particular order)
Books (only good ones.. no pish posh trash)
Music (refer to the good clause)
Reality TV all types good and bad (Is there such a thing as good reality TV?)
High-heeled shoes
Chocolate, cupcakes, and anything sugary with REAL SUGAR none of the “healthy sugar” junk
Red meat
Perfume, cosmetics, and all things girly
Crazy people (go figure)
The smell of rain and thunderstorms
The fluttery feeling of attraction
Men with great abs
Lust, sex, and all things kinky (I am a Scorpio)
The color pink
My Mother and various other people who are not dumbasses
My bed for napping and marathon TV watching as well as book reading
My puppy
Jack Daniels fine Tennessee sipping whiskey
Dave Matthews Band, Prince, and Jay Z
A sunny day
The love of my life
Kissing a person who kisses well (knows when to add pressure and ease up at the right moments)
People with dimples, especially children
My pink rain boots
Random acts of kindness given and received
Flowers (not roses as they are trite and boring)
Hello Kitty
People keeping their word
The sound of laughter
New York City and the city of Rome
The idea of yoga
Cursing (unladylike extreme.. but I jut love it love it love it)
All products made by Apple
Sex.. Needs to be mentioned twice at least.. Good sex.. outstanding sex.. Mind-blowing sex. The kind that makes you smile with secret knowledge of what makes the world worth living in.
Southern cooking (read fried food)
The look on my face when someone tells me something ridiculous
Experiencing new things
People who aren’t jackasses
And lastly.. Making lists!

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