Soo.. Day three..  We left Phoenix, Arizona quite early. Dark thirty as my Dad loved to call it.. I took the first leg of the drive and let Anne catch some more ZZZZZ's.  I must say the drive to Tucson was uneventful UNTIL we decided to stop in a small town for breakfast. Duh duh duh..... Then our fearless heroes encounter... Racism. Our waitress barely wanted to seat us although the diner was completely empty. Secondly we were made to feel as if we interrupted her day by even having the nerve to actually eat in the establishment. Once our food came, so did the check to signify we needed to leave as soon as we possibly can. Sooo.. We scarfed down our meals and hit the road. Oddly enough.. The chicken fried steak I had (don't judge me) was one of the best I've ever tasted. Anne took the next leg of the trip and drove to El Paso Texas. By this time it was lunch and deciding to not take any chances we dined at Red Lobster. We both had Hurricanes to take the edge off.

I reminded Anne that the trip was not just Hello Kitty but also the cupcake takes America tour.. So we checked the blog cupcake takes the cake and found a local cupcake bakery. The people were uber friendly. Anne and I ordered 3 cupcakes with the intention to share. Pink Lemonade (recommended by Cupcake Takes the Cake) Red Velvet, and Boston Creme. The pink lemonade sucked. Bad. I ate the frosting. I had a few bites of the red velvet. Neither of us bothered with the boston creme. It is currently in the car.

 Annnnnd away we go again..  During the drive to Dallas we noticed a HUGE shanty town next to the highway. Both of us commented on how the town looked like poverty in OTHER countries, not American poverty. Lo and behold.. We were right next to Juarez, Mexico. Everyone has seen the news reports of people getting kidnapped in border towns. I put the pedal to the medal. We are too cute to be sold into slavery. Plus considering we are both minorities, it would have been redundant. I love highway 10 because the speed limit was 80 miles and hour which gave me license to drive.... 98 miles an hour. We made excellent time.

One thing I noticed about Texas... There are a lot of prisons here. LOTS. So far I have counted 7! What the hell! We made an extremely brief stop in Midland, Texas and got our second helping of "you do not belong here" for the day. We are getting weary of being in situations like this. There should be a map given to minorities highlighting towns we need not stop. Now we are in Starbucks using the free internet. Our next stop on the cupcake railroad doesn't have internet.. But they do have Jack Daniels. Next stop Dallas, Texas!

weird factoid of the day.. Both of us know every single patriotic song and sang them at the top of our lungs for miles and miles.

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