Day 4 and we finally make it out of the desert. Texas is an enormous state. It took us two days and a whole bottle of Maker's Mark to get to the other side. My GOD! If I never ever drive from one side of Texas to the other it will be entirely too soon. Our adventures in East Texas were less traumatizing to me than they were for Anne… There was a point when I told her to “run away and live to tell the story.. I will sacrifice myself for you!” The only way to confront situations like those is through humor.. And the Maker's Mark mentioned earlier.

Our time in Texas was riddled with disappointment. Total and utter disappointment. Anne and I had a leisurely lunch with some new friends from twitter. (Yes we actually meet people on twitter) Then we attempted to obtain cupcakes in Dallas from Society Bakery. Unfortunately, we were a tad late. They closed up shop on us minutes before we got there. I was completely tempted to hold up a sign, which said “Drove all the way from California to taste your cake” but upon further consideration thought it was somewhat pornographic Then again.. My humor is somewhat pornographic at times. I took pictures of Society Bakery and wowed people outside who were inquisitive about what I was doing. Driving from coast to coast eating cupcakes seems to be a laudable cause these days. Yay us for thinking about it.
@societybakery on twitter

To deal with the crushing disappointment of missing cupcakes at Society Bakery (we skipped Sprinkles in Dallas.. If you have been to one Sprinkles Cupcakes, you have been to them all. Their product is very consistent) we decided to go to yet.. ANOTHER OUTLET MALL! 

You may refer to me as Lucky Luckster as I happened upon a Burberry sample sale. Typically I am not a big Burberry person, however I have always wanted a pink Burberry scarf. Annnnnnnnnnd.. I found one! Best part.. It was 50 smackers! The disgruntled employees of the Burberry sample sale were busily complaining about having to constantly fold and straighten the store. As if I don’t know.. Burberry was paying them to solve the Health Care Crisis or something. I would have stayed longer to unearth more treasure, but the tranny sales associate was sorta scary and Anne deserted me to scower Banana Republic. So I left with my prized scarf in bag.

More than likely if you follow my blog you read Anne’s as well so will let her recount the story of the jankey GPS. After our Best Buy stop we left Dallas. I wasn’t feeling well so Anne took the helm and drove to Shreveport, Louisiana.. Anne said as soon as she crossed the Louisiana border she wanted Popeye’s fried chicken. IF you have ever had Popeye’s chicken in Louisiana you know why she was pressed. Unfortunately all of the Popeye’s were closed for the night. My favorite sound bite of the evening was “I’m so hungry I could cry”. (LMAO) I wasn’t. I had self-medicated on whiskey (whiskey is the cure all) and was like Sade, feeling no pain. I intended on blogging that night but passed out with my bunny ears on my head into a blissful whiskey infused slumber. 

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