We got a lateish start in Shreveport, leaving the hotel about 11 or so. Anne still smarting for missing out on Popeye’s, had her heart set on beignets.  I found a bakery which specialized in all sorts of Louisiana pastries. We made the short drive to the bakery only to be met with.. A CLOSED SIGN. Foiled again.. They aren’t open on Sundays. So the dynamic duo pressed on towards Atlanta. I assured Anne there were tons of Popeye’s along the way as they are on every corner in Louisiana. Well.. I was wrong.. The next Popeye’s we saw was in Alabama. Oh well.. We are going to New Orleans for her birthday. She can have all the Popeye’s she wants then.

booo Lila's Cakes.. Booo!

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant with a packed parking lot. It was our contention the food must be excellent here considering you couldn’t find a parking space to save your life. We just knew we were in for some slamming Cajun food. Boy were we mistaken! The restaurant specialized in….. TEX MEX! Uh.. We are in Louisiana people! Anne’s face crumpled into a tiny ball of disappointment. I suggested we get the fried shrimp, as surely that can’t be Tex Mexed.. And. For the first time that day.. I was RIGHT! The shrimp was amazing. Cajun fried spicy shrimp for us!
Outside the forgettable eatery

After lunch we drove into the night. Alabama to Georgia. My friend Jen promised us safe haven on the Underground Cupcake Railroad. Fortunately, she lives by herself so showing up at 12 AM wasn’t a problem. Jen was an excellent hostess. I had not seen her in over 20 years but it was as if we were in middle school again. We teased each other mercilessly well into the night. Then.. She brought out our yearbook. Horror of horrors! My hair was so tragic back then.. Jen and I bored Anne to sleep laughing like rabid hyenas at people’s middle school pictures then looking them up on FB. Needless to say, some people did NOT age well.. The next morning Jen was generous to make breakfast for us although she is on a strict diet. Annnnnd we were off to our next cupcake destination.


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