Monday morning in Atlanta was beautiful. A bit rainy but the weather was warm and our spirits were high. Cupcakes were waiting for us at Sweet Pockets Cupcakes! We were greeted by the most gracious darling cupcake ever! She was kind enough to explain all of the flavors and suggest which ones were popular. Luckily they had mini cupcakes so we were able to taste one of everything. And boy was I glad. My favorite was the mint chocolate. It was as if I were eating a Girl Scout cookie. So delish! Our blood sugar levels were through the roof so we decided to walk off some of the energy through… shopping.. At… AN OUTLET MALL! 

Atlanta has quite a few of them so we chose wisely. By this time we were seriously scrutinizing each and every purchase. The tiniest flaw would cause a garment to be left in the store. Unless the item was under $10 which was the case for our new $5 shorts from American Eagle Outfitters. On the way into the outlets, I noticed a Krystal’s hamburger joint. Anne had never partaken of these delicious mini burgers of which I had raved about for years. My family is originally from Nashville, so we are Krystal hamburger people rather than White Castle. The mini hamburger debate happens to be pretty divisive. Either people are on Team Krystal (the correct team) or Team White Castle (the ridiculous team). We dined on the finest mini burgers ever and I even had a chili pup.. Mini chilidogs are oh so good!

I drove from Atlanta to my Momma’s house in North Carolina. Along the way we resisted going to the last 2 outlet malls we passed. I had called earlier and informed my Mother we would be expecting southern hospitality, which means.. Peach Cobbler and homemade ice cream.. We got.. Nothing.. Mom instructed us to pick up dinner because she “had been waiting all day for us and was HUNGRY”. The prodigal daughter triumphantly returns home and gets orders for take out. Although I would have loved my Mom’s home cooking I also love love love love love North Carolina BBQ. Living in Texas I never get pulled pork BBQ with cole slaw. Ah. How I love thee. Anne is a fan of it as well, sans cole slaw. I happily ate hers!

 And there you have it folks. Cupcakes Across America..  10 states 5 days 2 chicks 1 car 0 tickets.

 My Momma's House in NC


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On February 26, 2010 at 12:34 PM , Anonymous said...

I love the part about no tickets. I was really concerned about getting speeding tickets.

You're right. I was really crushed about missing out on all the tasty Louisiana culinary delights. At least we have my birthday to make up for it.

On April 16, 2010 at 2:35 PM , Jesi21 said...

J-face that you were in my city and not in touch...excited that you and Anne had a good time in our malls and cupcakeries !!