SO. Day two of the great cross country adventure.  We left Orange County mid morning headed to Phoenix to see a friend of mine. The original plan was to meet for lunch.. Thennn.. Well we found the outlet mall. Desert Hills Outlet Mall to be exact.. A shopper's Mecca!

Gucci and Dior and Jimmy Choo OH MY! Needless to say.. We spent over four hours there. Soooo.. Lunch became dinner.. Then well.. We sorta stopped again and dinner became.. Nothing.. By the time we called to say we were in town, we got.. Snake eyes.. I suppose we should have kept them abreast of our tomfoolery.. So. Here we are in a motel spending the night. The sheets are scratchy like newspaper but, we are happily drinking Maker's Mark and Coke tweeting away.

Oddly enough, seeing my friends would have been great, but I am still having a good time. So long California. The Hello Kitty Crew are headed East and not looking back.  I am amazed Anne managed to sleep through my rendition of Eye of the Tiger considering I can't reach the high notes to save my life. We ARE however, looking for more Outlet Malls. Don't forget cupcakes!

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