As everyone clearly knows, I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I wonder if secretly I am Asian and my parents have been pulling the wool over my eyes for years. After all.. I was born in Thailand, but I digress. My Hello Kitty obsession is epic. I become fixated on a Hello Kitty object and cannot let go till I own it. Right now I am hunting for the perfect Hello Kitty license plate cover. So far no luck. But I did stumble upon something so wonderfully kittylicious, that I froze my credit card in a ziplock bag as not to order it online.

What may you ask is so fan-kitty-tastic? It is the Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Bride Necklace! Oh how I love it. Number one, I am and have always been a pearl girl. I have strands and strands of pearls. White, champagne, chocolate, pink, blush, black.. I love pearls. Second I love Hello Kitty! The combination of Hello Kitty and pearls is so much of a win win for me that when I saw the necklace online a gleaming light shone upon my head and angles sang in my ears. Yes! I MUST have this necklace.

It is called the Pink Head Bride Large Pearl Necklace! The website describes it as “an amazing cuture=styled adjustable necklace with extra large mulit-toned Italian glass pearls, a 2.5” crystal framed Lucite Pink Head Bride pendant, and a satin ribbon tie at the back sprinkled with a wash of Swarovski crystals.. Ok so basically costume jewelry. I was just about to hit the “Order” button…. When… I noticed the PRICE.

It is $400! Are they CRAZY! There is NO WAY I am going to pay $400 for fake pearls. I mean come the hell on! FAKE PEARLS! I don’t care how eloquently the website described them. They are FAKE PEARLS! FAAAAAAKKKKKEEE PEARRRRRRRLLLLSSSS! Not real pearls.. Not cultured pearls.. Not freshwater pearls.. FAKE PEARLS! I did the calculations on the materials used to make this necklace. Ribbon= $10 (and I am being generous) Swarovski crystals $50 tops (again being generous) Fake Pearl Necklace $20 at best and lastly the Hello Kitty pendant $20. This necklace most likely costs $100 tops to produce. I understand retail mark up, but pluheze! $400 bones for this piece of fashion jewelry? Even I cannot bring myself to pay $400 for this necklace on principle alone. I just can’t. Recession be damned. I just can’t take part in the highway robbery Tarina Tarantino is conducting. I can think of a million other things I would rather spend $400 on. Instead, I am going to utilize my creativity and reproduce this necklace on my own. I am rather clever when it comes to jewelry but the difference between the one I am going to construct and the one by Tarina Tarantino is, mine is going to be made with REAL PEARLS! Pictures to follow.

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