My bestie Anne and I talk all the time. Constantly. We talk on the phone, text, twitter, facebook, yahoo im, g chat... smoke signals.. psychic messages.. We literally are in contact with each other all day long and most of the night. Our conversations range from the deadly serious to the deliriously insane. However, one theme seems to have come up more frequently over the years. The concept that Women are the new men and men are the new babies.

Perhaps this sounds radical, but if you are a Woman and have been or currently are married, you know exactly what we are bitching about. When did men stop being men and start being children? My Dad was a man. He did manly things. This did not by any means negate being solicitous to my Mom in any way shape or form. However, he was not a little bitch. I an not sure if it is my personal luck or just karma, but I am running into a lot of guys that are little bitches. At first I considered the source, perhaps I was attracting them to be because I am so capable. Men can go on auto-pilot and enjoy the ride while I bust my ass. Then I starting talking to OTHER Women! They all had similar if not the exact same story. Being the consummate psychologist, I started compiling these stories to form a hypothesis. Men are babies. Not all men. Just ones in a certain age bracket.

It is my belief their mothers mollycoddled them into being completely useless lumps of flesh who are accustomed to women doing every thing for them. They have a high sense of reward and low motivation. They believe the smallest achievement made deserves celebration. Like.. Breathing.. This culture of overindulgence of little boy/men has made them soft as hell. DISGUSTING! Somehow society has become accepting of men/babies who are Sally Candypants. The backlash is Women have even MORE responsibility.

Women are the new men but definitely not being compensated for it. There are more of us obtaining college degrees, yet for some ridiculous reason we still make 30% less than men. We perform the same tasks more than likely waaaaaay more efficiently than men but make less than they do. Oddly enough men's brains are 15% larger than ours however, they do not use them to the best of their ability. We are able to use both hemispheres of our brain simultaneously during thought processes. In contrast, men can only use one hemisphere at a time on average. Verbally and memory wise we totally slay men. But I can't tell you how many times men have tried to spingali me into believing I forgot something or I didn't remember it correctly. Uh. Yeah I did asshole.

Women can go to school, work full tine, come home and start "second shift" while men are lazing on the couch doing absolutely nothing useful. (playing video games or watching Sports Center) WHY? because they are "tiiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeedd". Whatever! We are tired too! But as a Woman we do not have the OPTION of being tired. We do not have the OPTION of lying around when there are tasks to be done. Women dig deep and get it done, while looking fabulous. Somehow a generation of men have been brainwashed into believing Women should do everything for them. This is complete BULLSHIT! Feminism doesn't negate the role of a man. Nor does it give them an excuse to be slouches. Just because we CAN do everything doesn't mean we don't want HELP. Yes, Women have babies, but we do not need a man/baby to raise as well as the ones we are biologically responsible for. Man up! Sheesh! Or should I say WOMAN up?

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On July 15, 2009 at 6:26 PM , Jesi21 said...

I have had this argument with guy friends...they want women who cook thats all they whine about. "MY MAMA COOKED" yeah well your daddy also worked 3 jobs, cut the grass, mowed the lawn, took your fat ass to little league, and was a Deacon..what do you do? SMH I'm so over men. I just might have 'friends' and be single forever.

On July 22, 2009 at 8:09 AM , Unknown said...

I have sooo much to say about this particular topic. It's amusing how we all want to blame each other. Men are lazy! Women are crazy! ( women ARE crazy, but only slightly more crazy than men. emotions screw everything up ), I digress. This particular statistic interests me, because certain factors are missing:

Women are the new men but definitely not being compensated for it. There are more of us obtaining college degrees, yet for some ridiculous reason we still make 30% less than men.

I always wondered about this statistic, when salaries are compared is gross or net used. Is the fact that women choose more "nuturing" jobs considered? Teachers, social workers etc. What about the fact that women on the whole, take more time off than men? ( period, kids, emotional days ( tee hee ), maternity leave ). Are these factors even considered? What about the fact that there are scores of high paying jobs that MOST women can't do? Or won't do? Like construction work, plumbing, electrical engineering. Makes one wonder, whether or not these statistics are the result of choices.

Oh, and women are the new men? Esta loca? There are hordes of lazy women, won't / don't cook. Can't clean, can't make their screaming baby stfu. Smh, see, it's feminism like this that's going to set us back 100 years.