I have a serious problem which has been an issue for me as long as I can recall, yet I have no interest in addressing it. Once I believe someone is stupid, I think they are stupid forever. Anything they say to me no matter how potentially brilliant, will be met with a face similar if not exactly like the one pictured below. Notice it is a man trying to tell her something. This picture speaks volumes. When stupid people are talking, I feel my brain cells are being destroyed almost as efficiently as if I huffed gasoline and then licked LSD stamps for hours on end. I have absolutely no tolerance for stupid people. Ones I know.. And ones I do not know.

Lately the news has been over saturated with people talking who just really need to shut up. I will give you some sterling examples. Sarah Palin. Seriously. No seriously. Shut up! She has proven what an idiot she is over and over and over again yet still she continues to harangue. Please stop. No please. Another person drawn to the media like a crackhead to the pipe is Joe Jackson. Please Joe. Shut the hell up. Take a cue from your wife who obviously tries to have little to do with you. Be QUIET! Please. We have had enough of your rambling nonsense. I tried to follow an interview you did but found putting together puzzles bought from Garage Sales with missing pieces more satisfying. Rush L. Oh how he loves to point out the faults of others. Yet he is a pill popping fat ass farmie fanatic. Shut up please. No please. I would also like to point out rappers. These days they are like a wild bunch of dingos running around making ridic soundbites for foreigners to take to heart and judge us by. Shut up! My current favorite dumb ass rapper quote came from Lil Wayne who said, "I gave up doing coke because it gave me zits". Yessss.. The perfect anti-drug slogan since Nancy Regan's "Just Say No" campaign. Thanks Lil Weezie. All the women on The View can shut the hell up. They are just so damn annoying. I am amazed the show has lasted this long. People who go on those judge so and so shows can feel free to stay at home and shut the hell up there too. You are spreading ignorance over the airwaves like liquor spreads legs. Anyone who starts a sentence with "I don't mean any harm" or "Don't take this the wrong way" can not only stop right there, but they can politely choke on their own words.

So just like the Real Men of Genius I dedicate a hot cup of shut the fuck up to all people I know, and those I am forced by the media to be familiar with. True dumbasses who do not know when to put a lid on it Alice!
The hot cup of shut the fuck up is only for those I deem stupid. Many of the offenders are carrying the XY chromosome. If you do not suffer from the pesky Y chromosome, and you are not Sarah Palin or a cast member of the View, you may safely talk around me without getting the open hand slap to the mouth.

Just kidding. I wold never slap anyone... That I didn't think would let me. Tee hee hee.

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