Every year I do some sort of post on or near Valentine's Day bemoaning how much this day sucks. Like seriously.. It sucks for me. In fact.. Valentine's Day can kiss the darkest part of my ass till the skin is red like those stupid ass hearts full of yucky cheap drugstore chocolate people are so fond of. Since I am working towards being LESS bitter and MORE positive this year.. I am going to take a somewhat different approach to Valentine's Day. This year instead of waiting for some random person to validate me with tokens of love and appreciation.. I will celebrate Valentine's Day in my head.. Sort of like the Matrixesque type dealio. So. Monday was Valentine's Day and this is how I celebrated it.. In my own mind..

Who could say no to breakfast in bed? Especially a light breakfast as something like this will soon follow.

Then why not go for a hot stone massage? Completely relaxing.
Now that I am relaxed I can spend the afternoon SHOE SHOPPING!
We would try to prepare lunch but it would play out more like this
Then somehow this would be slipped on my neck

It would be fun to take a walk on the beach and perhaps a little swimming
Then a romantic dinner on the beach much much much later
Where Georgetown Cupcakes would be served as desert and I would find this hidden on the plate
I could put up more sensual pictures but after all that jewelry I am sure you can figure out how I would show my gratitude.

Yeah.. That is how I spent my Valentine's Day 2011.. I can't wait till next year.


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