I came across a list of things men/guys wish women knew. As I was reading said list, I thought.. Hmm.. This all makes sense. I find myself setting men up for failure all the time. It would save a lot of grief, silent treatments, emotional spending and eating if I just let go and stop expecting men to be more like women. After all.. I have plenty of women friends and if I want a certain type of nurturing, skip the middle man and go straight to a woman. As a consummate altruistic soul, I will share the list. I must be in the holiday spirit.


1. Sometimes guys don't want to talk. No need to take it personally. Call a girlfriend and gab away.

2. Helpless is so not cute. In fact it is overrated and stupid.

3. Men are single minded. Don't talk to them while they are doing something. It throws them off. They will either ignore you or totally screw up what they are doing. 

4. Too many self help books in plain sight make them nervous.

5. Do not ask questions like "Do you think she is more pretty than me" as you may not like the answer. 

6. Men do not go shopping. If they need something they just buy it. Like a recon mission. In and out.

7. Couples like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones make men proud. Sort of like our Pretty Woman fantasy. 

8. Sundays = Sports. No way around it. 

9. Crying is blackmail. 

10. Ask for what you want. Subtle hints don't work. Not even strong ones. They will not pick up on nuances in conversations or well placed pictures with things circled in red Sharpie. 
11. Yes and No are typical answers to almost any question and quite suitable. 

12. Don't fake it otherwise they will keep doing the same thing that doesn't work. FOREVER!

13. If something a guy says can be interpenetrated two different ways, be sure the one that DOESN'T make you angry is the one he intend.

14. Relationships are NEVER going to be like the first few months you started going out. It is like chasing a drug high. Never as good as the first time. 

15. If a guy asks "What's wrong" and the reply is "Nothing", they will proceed as if nothing is wrong. Hey.. You said noting. 

16. It is not in anyone's best interest to take a magazine quiz together.

17. Either ask a guy to do something OR tell him how you want it done. Not both.  Nagging doesn't work well either.

18. If you want to vent about a problem go to a girlfriend. A guy is going to give you solutions whether you are seeking them or not.

19. It isn't that guys do not want to make women happy, sometimes they just don't know how. 

20. If it itches... It WILL be scratched.


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On December 16, 2010 at 8:51 PM , JLuntz said...

Its like you can read my mind!

On December 20, 2010 at 9:28 PM , Love Your Cake said...

#9. or a guilt trip.

damn them lol