The holidays are upon us, and I have been thinking of the art of giving gifts. Believe me there is an ART to giving a gift. Not everyone is an artist.  People are frantically running around stressing out over selecting the perfect present yet, honestly I am quite sure there are going to be more reactions like this no matter how much deliberation has been put into the gift selection.

Yeah.. You know it.. The what the fuck is this face. Followed by the what the fuck were they thinking scowl. It has happened to me more times than I can count. At this stage in the game, instead of letting disappointment set in, I just smile a tight little smile and rush through the awkward moments.

So. What would totally suck if found underneath the tree? All of these things!

Victoria's Secret lotions and potions and body products. P-U.. Stinkalicious! They are too scented and smell cheap. Basically they suck. Try Jo Malone instead. Far more tasteful.

Trashy lingerie. Men know it is actually for them rather than for us. Women aren't as stupid as we pretend to save your egos.

Any household appliance or something meant for cooking or cleaning. UNLESS they specifically ask for these things. Otherwise skip it. A gift is something you wouldn't buy yourself. Rather than something you need which you will purchase anyway.

Fake purses! The horror! Fake purses are just.. Awful. No matter how much people try to deny their fake purse looks fake.. we know.. we know..

Pandora bracelets.. I just hate these things.. They are from hell.
Self help books. 
Now.. If something from these places makes it under the tree.. I would actually be nice.. For.. About a week or so.

Who can go wrong with Tiffany and Company? Uh.. Nobody!

David Yurman.. Swoon!

Oh yeah.. If I had a goody from one of these designers, it would be a very merry Christmas indeed..


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