I have always been a proponent of the power of positive thinking. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. It would take hours and many many posts to fully explain my doctrine and even then I am not sure I could clearly and succinctly express what I believe. My thoughts on spirituality are free flowing and ever evolving as I learn and experience life. I read the book The Secret a few years ago and got the idea for creating a visualization board. I wanted to harness the power of manifestation and incorporate it into my everyday life in a solid way. The first board I made, honestly I didn't give much thought to it. It was a bunch of random ideals and concepts on a board.

Flash forward about a year and EVERYTHING on the board came true. I was floored. Simply stunned. So I decided to make another more focused board. Yet again, many of the things I put on it came true. Effortlessly. Unfortunately, I wasn't as clearly focused as I had planned. Some of the things I put on there for lack of a better explanation confused the board. They were canceling each other out kinda like fire vs water. I needed to redo a more focused board.

Here is how I constructed my visualization board. I not only used manifestation components, but I added elements of Feng Shui for good measure.
This also happens to be a tattoo I have

I took a large piece of poster board and separated it into four quadrants.

Quadrant 1: the upper right area of the board. Write four words or phrases that characterize your current situation. They can be either positive or negative words or phrases. Example "Overweight" or "Blissfully Happy".

Quadrant 2: the lower right area of the board directly underneath quadrant 1. Write three or four positive phrases as goals you would like to achieve in three months. Put them down as power statements like "Get a well paying position with a company which values me as an employee". Don't write things like "I will win the lottery", as personal gain ideals do not mesh well with this type of endeavor. Be reasonable.

Quadrant 3: the upper left hand side of the board. Write down three or four long term goals (one year). This is the area to be more lofty like "I will marry the man of my dreams" and things of the like. You can be a bit unreasonable in this area. You never know what will happen!

Quadrant 4: the bottom left hand side of the board directly underneath quadrant 3. Write "THE PAST IS OVER".

Now that you have constructed your basic board, use the power of manifestation and visualization. I am not the most artistic (drawing and sketching) gal in high heels, so I had to be creative. I scoured magazines and cut out phrases and pictures which I believe directly collates to each quadrant. This powers the board further and keeps prying eyes from reading your personal business. Plus a lovely collage is always nice. I made mine very festive with lots of colors and pictures. I used phrases which describe myself now and also the person I want to be in the future. I even incorporated specific weight loss and health goals. I cut out 2 pictures of adorable little girls and wrote their names underneath them. The board has to reflect you.

Once I was finished I said a small prayer and replaced the old board with the new one. On my alter.

Here is the old board

Here is the new board

My "alter" which is actually a Korean desk I've had for ages. I keep all things personal and precious to me in this desk or on top of it. It is my spiritual place where I pray and meditate. The only other piece of furniture I adore as much as alter is my jewelry box.

Buddha actually several Buddha one small jade money luck Buddha.

Thai Spirit House- I keep Willie's last dog tag inside it.

Ashes of Willie

Correa Love bowl.. I keep it here to remind me to let love guide me.

Special stones.. I have a stone that says "Spirit", Hematite for grounding, Jasper to calm a troubled mind, Red Jasper to alleviate conflict, Picture Jasper to balance and aid in meditation, Labradorite strenghtens will and inner strength, Malachite to help release negative emotions, Morganite for compassion and empathy, Quartz amplifies psychic energy, Rose Quarts for love energy, Snowflake Obsidian for protection against emotional draining, Tigers Eye for clear thinking, and Turquoise to attract friendships also a healing stone.

I also have a few Rosaries, some Buddhist prayer beads, and a Mezuzah. When I am meditating I sit on Muslim prayer rugs I got while in the Middle East.

I encourage everyone to create a space in their house where they can quiet their mind and commune with the universe, God, Allah, Bhagwaan, Whaeguru, Elohim, or whatever you call the Giver of Light, Love, & Truth.


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On March 14, 2011 at 5:44 AM , Anonymous said...

Hello, I new yours frient on this forum)

On June 25, 2011 at 1:23 PM , PeregrineBlue said...

this is very very helpful to me as i begin my own visualization/dream board. i love the feng shui idea and the phrase THE PAST IS GONE. i will read the complete article and get more and more inspiration as i create. thank you

On September 27, 2011 at 4:45 PM , Anonymous said...

Its a very interest point view! I agree with you point. Excuseme for my bad english, thanks!