butterfly in my driveway
everyday beauty

I am missing my home like crazy. I miss the fresh air of the Tar Heel State. The smell of my house. I miss the view of the lake from my kitchen window and the view of the forest from my bedroom window. I miss the peacefulness of the Fortress of Solitude as Anne calls it. I miss walking along the trails of my neighborhood. The golfers out in all kinds of weather in their godawful outfits. I miss swinging in the playground a few feet from my garage and swimming in the pool. I want to go fishing in the lake, spending hours and catching nothing. I miss my friends who make me happier than a child with two lollipops. I want to take the canoe named the Lil Ev after my Mommy out on the tranquil waters making ripples each time I dip my oar into the lake. I miss the sound of my Mother's laughter and her sporadic cooking since she claimed she "retired" from making meals for me.The smell of freshly cut grass.  I miss the undeniable beauty of the Carolinas which in contrast make my exile in outpost Texas even more aesthetically UNpleasing. The leaves are turning from green to vibrant gold, red, purple, and orange. I feel like I am missing out on all things which make my home wonderful. In contrast I bear witness to everything drab, vulgar, and ugly. I am more thankful for my home than ever. I know it will be waiting for me whenever I want to experience it again.
the view from my kitchen window


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