Today is a historic day. Frasier C Puppykins was born November 10th, 2009 in the most humble of beginnings, however I soon fixed that.

After Willie passed away there was a hole in my heart that just couldn't be filled.. I was lost, sad, lonely, and confused. I was accustomed to 4 paws following my every step and two of the kindest eyes watching my every move. I knew I needed another pet. It took me months of researching to narrow down the type of puppy I would get. I looked into breeds with the same dedication I put into writing my Master's Thesis. Finally I decided I wanted a Boston Terrier. There was no way I could have another Springer Spaniel. It would just be too hard for me.

I also wanted a specific birth date. Only I am loony enough to believe astrology also effects the personalities of pets. A scorpio pup was the ONLY way to go for me. After all. The love of my life is a scorpio, I am a scorpio, the man of my dreams is a scorpio, I have lots of friends that are scorpios.
Baby Frasier C Puppykins

For weeks I scrutinized breeders on the Internet looking for a litter of Boston Terriers which would be born in November. In hindsight I was more concerned about when the puppy would be born rather than the quality of the breeder. Big Mistake. The breeder I eventually chose was nothing more than a puppy mill. In the back of my mind I knew this woman was wonky but I was so focused on my puppy being born in the week of the charmed I didn't listen to reason. Reason being Anne. I sent her a link to the website of the *cough* breeder and the only thing she could say was "PUPPY MILL" and if that wasn't enough she provided pictures.. Well.. Anne's type of clowning pictures.

I bought him anyway against Anne's MUCH better judgment. Even after the second installment of pictures.

Once I picked him up I saw for myself live, uncut, and in person how much of a terrible place the Puppy Mill actually was. My companion called it a "Redneck House" but in actuality it was a trailer with a bunch of dog houses outside. I couldn't wait to whisk my puppy away to freedom.

Him so cute!

Despite his paperwork, I am convinced he isn't a pure bread Boston Terrier. They are little dogs. Frasier is a Goliath with long model legs, although still has a ton of Boston Terrier traits. Either way. I just love him. He is a little badass, but he is mine. So happy happy birthday baby..

When I named him Frasier after the character Frasier on the TV show I had NO idea he would basically act just like him. Snobby and unconcerned with most people. Sullen and disapproving look on his face most of the time. Bossy. Affinity for ripping up paper.  Sleeping in his toy box, so all the toys are scattered everywhere. Hater of Bitter Apple Spray. Lover of all clothing products which belong to me. Bear humping even after being neutered. Fiercely protective of his Momma.. Luckily she loves you very much, little badass.

Oh and Frasier, thanks for not getting mad at me for accidentally getting Nair on you.. Twice. The hair grew back nicely.
I was worried that patch of missing hair would never grow back.


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On November 10, 2010 at 7:11 PM , Alicia xoxxo said...

He is a cutie!!!! Dogs are the best!!!

On November 12, 2010 at 7:00 AM , Kyra said...

You go nair on your boy? I'm not suprised he's found ways of amusing himself with your belongings!