I have to admit, the debacle with my hair had me offline sorta. I just didn't feel like myself walking around with jacked up hair.  I am a high self monitor and present myself to the world in a very specific controlled way. If I committed a crime the witnesses who worked with a sketch artist, would describe me something like this "well... she was wearing super high heel shoes, big hair, long eyelashes, and really nice perfume” Basically that is the sum of my parts. No matter what size I am, believe me I run up and down the scale like that little mountain climber on the Price Is Right. However, some things do not waiver. I have long hair, high heels, make up on, and perfume... Oh! Killer jewelry too! The awful haircut was an experiment that went horribly wrong. I found a combination that worked well and I tried to tweak it. 

So. Now I am thinking. Am I my hair? Is my hair my Super Girl Cape or is it actually my Security blanket? While my hair was all jankey, I stopped wearing make up, rarely wore perfume, and spent a lot of my time in grubby sweats. Not the glam gear I usually wear. In fact I rarely accessorized. I really didn't put myself together and had the attitude you are lucky I even showed up for this shit. (I even had that attitude at work) Lots of people saw a change in me and swore I lost my "sparkle". I think I even stopped flirting. For me to cut back on the flirtatiousness is like Oprah giving up all of her money to live in the poverty of her youth. Preposterous! Absolutely preposterous. Is my personality and sense of self connected directly to my hair? Well. YES. Sorry India.Are. I AM MY HAIR. It is part of the package and if one part is off the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

Yesterday I went back to my regular hairdresser. We proceeded to trash the chick that butchered my hair; I apologized profusely for cheating on her, and left a larger tip than normal. The results. After a 2 month hiatus... I'm Baaaaack Byches! My Super Girl Cape is back on!  The summer of Blood Sugar Sex Magic is back on! 
Cue Green Light by John Legend 


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On July 20, 2010 at 9:04 PM , The Absence of Alternatives said...

I love the illustration for "I'm bbbaaaccckkk bitches" at the end. :-)

Yes my hair makes me. I agree, even though I too feel a bit guilty for admitting this. I got highlights in my hair maybe 5 years ago. I have been thinking, Hello? How come nobody told me about how awesome it is?!!