True Blood has sorta taken over my life. I did not get into the show until the second season.  At first I thought all those chenzy southern accents and all sorts of weirdness going on was over the top. Then one night on Twitter people were talking about how cool it was, so I thought I would give it another go. I'm glad I did! The ramifications of watching True Blood is you become OBSESSED with it. Sunday has turned into my favorite day of the week.

 During the period between seasons I started buying the books and watching the reruns. I would talk for HOURS with other True Blood fans about the characters as if they were real. Like.. who would we sleep with (100% said Eric) and who would make a great friend (Lafayette). We would talk about why Sookie is so pressed about weak ass Bill. Sad isn't it? True Blood is the equivalent of my grandmother's "stories" which she would watch religiously Monday through Friday.

I have no idea why adults watch Twilight. It is just foolish as hell. What vampires traipse around during the day? Who thinks a Volvo is a sexy car? Vampire families made up of teen vampires? Diamond skin twinkling in the sun? Scary villain vampires that really haven't done a single thing badass? The whole creepy love story sans sex? All of this pish posh makes me yearn for Anne Rice to slap that silly woman who pens the Twilight sagas. She should be punished by all vampire loves around the world. Vampires are sexy and secretive. Not going to high school! If they are hundreds of years old, why would they attend high school? They have nothing to learn, as they should already know it by now. Hell.. The Twilight vampires should be the damn TEACHERS in the school. I admit my knowledge of Twilight stuff is kept relatively low as I could only stomach 1 movie. But I did see they are selling Twilight perfume. My guess is it probably stinks just as much as the franchise. Maybe worse if that is possible.

And on a final note. If Eric Northman is auditioning for a new sex slave, I would be more than happy to audition!


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On August 30, 2011 at 12:52 AM , Anonymous said...

ahahahaha, I so love the last comment :o))))