Ok. WoW! Usually I do not gain weight during the holidays. Last year I even managed to loose about 10 pounds between December and January. No so this year sporty! I have no idea what happened, well I have SOME idea, but somewhere between the turkey, ribs, steak, tacos, ham, and too many sweets to list I have gained 8 pounds. Technically I could have gained more but the story is 8 pounds and I am sticking to it.

Well. So here I am with the new thinner clothes not fitting exactly correctly. Ok. Let me be honest. They are killing me. Most of the pants cut of my circulation and the tops sadly make me look like a cheaper Dolly Pardon. So. I think it is time to put the cupcake down, my iPod up, and make time to go to the gym again. Damn the cold weather. After all.. If I keep going on in the direction I am headed I will end up looking like this

Sans baby. The pregnant look can be sexy, if you are actually pregnant. However, if you have that bloated belly look due to lip smacking snacking, it is not a good look. Oracle is officially back on the wagon. No more justification of winter weight. In 2 months I will be back to my normal weight and feeling great. Damn I am going to miss the cupcake of the day. Le sigh. Oh well.

I just wanted to add this Dove advertisement for kicks. To me they are correct. This is what real beauty looks like. Not super skinny women whose bones rub together or women who look like Skeletor. Women with curves are lovely. Stick figures are ugly.

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On January 12, 2010 at 3:22 PM , Ashley said...

Love that ad. Those women are beautiful

On January 12, 2010 at 5:03 PM , Ari said...

The girl in the middle.... the SUPER white girl with the bit of a tummy? Yeah she makes me feel not so alone in the world. :) Thanks for posting that!

On January 12, 2010 at 5:50 PM , Carrie Blogshaw said...

right on, Oracle!
having spent too much time with a cheesecake over the holidays, I can relate to how you are feeling.
if you need to reach me, I'll be at the gym for the rest of the year. straight. good luck!