Whenever the year wraps up the media goes into a frenzy writing lists of this and lists of that. It always gives me pause. Who in the world did they poll? Where did they get their statistics? Who makes up these lists which are suppose to represent public opinion and consent. I know for a fact none of the people I know (and I know many people) have ever been poled. So that makes me wonder.. Who gives these people the authority to tell the public at large what we collectively think?


I am sure more "lists" will start coming out of the woodwork as we get closer to January. The first one up to bat which I have taken personal offense is the "what were they thinking decade in review" list on Yahoo. I have been present during the last ten years and paying close attention to all newsworthy and even some not exactly newsworthy stories. As soon as I got to number 8 I was taken aback... It was concerning the Janet Jackson Justin Timerlake Boobgate during the Super Bowl. I mean really? During the last TEN years, Janet Jackson's nipple would rank number 8 on the what were they thinking list? Come on Yahoo.. Are you serious? I could come up with a list of RELEVANT issues which were far more pressing than the nip of JJ. Number 10 also confused me. Are you trying to tell me that the money spent on the movie The Adventures of Pluto Nash is such a critical mistake in a ten year time line in America that it must be listed? Come on Yahoo come on! I admit I have never personally seen the movie but it certainly can't be such a blunder that it ranks 10 on the what were they thinking list. Whomever wrote this article was reaching.. I mean really reaching. It is as if they did not pick up a paper, watch the news, or take their head out of their ass in ten whole years! I would construct my own list of the top ten what were they thinking moments, but I am afraid it would contain relevant moments in history rather than fluff someone slapped together to fill a slot on the Yahoo line up. Perfect example.. Two words.. Sara Palin.