Some women like bad boys.. Some women like Southern gentlemen.. Some women like CEO types.. Me.. I like very very intelligent men. The type of man that is uber book smart and just a little lacking in social skills. If I met a man with Asberger's syndrome I would be in heaven. I rarely come in contact with these demi gods of intelligence as they are usually home playing fantasy games or writing dissertations on Star Wars or reading Harry Potter books. So. I feed my need for brainiac men by watching the Big Bang Theory. However, I have just discovered the ultimate man for me. 
I do not get to watch a bunch of television due to a hectic work schedule, however the show Criminal Minds has been syndicated recently. Oh how I love this show. One would think I would be into the hunky Shemar Moore character. He is handsome, fit, clever, and a ladies man. I admit he has his appeal.. But to me, he doesn't hold a candle to Dr. Spencer Reid. Cue the swoon.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this character.

There is just something about him that draws me in. I watch the show ONLY because of this particular character. I could care less about the other supporting cast. I could care even less about the story lines and all of the psych terms and conditions they use completely incorrectly. All I want to do is watch Dr. Spencer Reid. They might as well rename the show Dr. Spencer Reid Show. To me Dr. Reid is the perfect guy. He is so geeky smart it makes me giddy. Dr. Reid knows everything about everything. I am not deluding myself into thinking he is a real person. I know he is a fictional character. However, he is the total prototype for Mr. Oracle. I would actually consider getting married again IF and only IF I can marry a man just like Dr. Spencer Reid. I am wasting time writing this post when I could be actually watching Criminal Minds. I need to get my Spencer fix for the day. God bless DVR.

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