I work in an office environment where coffee is GOD. Well. If there is anything above GOD that is what coffee would be. It is taken quite seriously. If staff doesn’t make a fresh pot of coffee when the existing pot is low.. well let’s just say I am shocked people escape the scuffle with their body parts intact. It is just that serious. Before working here, I was more of a Coke girl. Now that I am working overnights, I need something to get me over the 4am sleepy hump. (Since learning the building is “haunted” I have decided to forgo all naps in the rec room till further notice) Normally I would reach for a Coke, but now it is coffee.

I don’t exactly know what they put in the coffee but to say it is potent is to say Hurricane Ike was a small thunder shower. The coffee could most-likely be used as fuel for your vehicle. It could fly jet planes! It is STRONG. After three sips you could run a marathon, write an award winning novel, bake better than Martha Stewart, and find Bin Laden. This concoction gives you not only the energy, but the confidence you can do anything. I call it the magic elixir. It can make the blind see! Hell.. Once I drank half a cup then went on a  stroll outside and could have sworn I saw every crater on the moon.

Now that I have adapted to the coffee culture, I am searching for a cool mug. People are possessive about these mugs too. If they catch another person using their own personal mug.. well… Can we say epic battle? There is a creepy voice saying “well done” or “finish him” or “flawless victory” like Mortal Kombat. As keeping with my tradition of loving everything pink and hello kitty, I am hunting around the internet for the perfect Hello Kitty mug. One.. I love Hello Kitty and two.. It will keep the men from using it by “mistake”. Although I have been itching to try out my restraint hold moves!

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On November 8, 2009 at 6:42 AM , Foodie McBody said...

This made me laugh so much. This is exactly like the coffee that my husband makes. And bravo for your colleagues for making REAL, GOOD, coffee, not the weak watery crap that you usually find at workplaces!

May you find the vessel it deserves.