I have a habit of judgeing people acording to their zodiac signs. So far this hard and fast rule has not done me wrong yet. For example. I HATE HATE HATE Gemini men. For those who know the ex is a Gemini and blame him for this distain for Geminis I can say with upmost certainty, it is not him but the traits Geminis posess. All of which are as attractive to me as a scorching case of the herp or crabs. To make sure I was being unbiased, I have had recent interactions with other Gemin men. All of them were total train wrecks. I mean flaming balls of fire and body parts all over the place. I just can't do Gemini men and we all know the Geminis Suck in Bed Caucus twice a year. But I digress...

Italy was great for my ego in many ways. As soon as I set foot outside, Italian men were following me around all day telling me how beautiful I was. Who can get tired of that? In America... Well.. I look like everyone else. Here I buy my OWN wine, OWN ice cream, and my OWN flowers. In Italy I was treated like exotic royality for two weeks. You can immagine the let down of being in Texas. One of the things I DO know is that Libras are good for my ego. They are just so.. well.. Easy to get along with. In the grand scheme of things I am most compatable with Cancers and Pisces. However, Libras have a special place with me. They are one of the few signs that worships me as the goddess I am, hence why I like them so much. I am always telling people who are getting out of rough relationships to date a Libra. Their psyche will be repeared in lightening speed. So. What did I do when I got back to Texas? I sent out the cosmic call for Libras. Boy oh boy did it get answered!

An education on Libras. They are in love with love. They just can't get enough of it and they will do damn near anything to achieve that endorphine induced feeling of the loveliness of love. I find their presidposition to crave love like that of XTC addicts counting down the minutes to their next roll. They are peaceful souls who shrink from conflict which is wonderful if you are just not in the mood to fight constaintly in a relationship. They happily let you be in charge as decision making is not their strongest suit and they have a tendency to procrastinate. Libras are good listeners and excellent conversationalists. They are also agreeable, outgoing, warm, and very charming not to mention usually easy on the eyes.

Like I said.. I started drawing Libras. I meet them everywhere now. It is as if ever Libra in the universe has been crossing my path. I'm feasting on Libras now! I have had to discard a few. One was on the cusp of Scorpio. He had too many Scorpio traits for me. I am sure he would have been hot in the sack but I can't deal with someone like myself. I drive MYSELF insane all the time with my schemeing and plotting. I need not have a person who knows the tricks of the trade. I have a completely school girl crush on a Libra. (I might write a blog about it as it is so uncharacteristic of me it needs to be doccumented) There are about four more Libras that I am entertaining at the moment and loving all the Libra attention. I can live off of compliments, shoes, booze, and chocolate. Notice COMPLIMENTS was the first word on the list. Libras pass out praise and compliments like Halloween candy. (I also like Halloween candy as well) I can totally get used to all this attention. Perhaps I am starting to bend the universe to my will. I wanted a Libra and I recieved a selection! Yay Universe. For my next trick I would like to turn water into Jack Daniels... Stay tuned.. I just might figure out how to do it.

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