Lately I have been very restless. I am on the verge of making some major changes in my life. One of the things I was thinking of was cutting my hair. I have been wearing my hair long forever. I read somewhere Native American women used to cut their hair off as a signal they divorced their husband. They also would put his shoes outside the teepee. If only it were that easy. But.. Have been thinking my hair is holding a ton of negative energy I have been carrying around for years. One morning I decided to cut it all out. My hair had to go and hopefully the bad energy with it.

This is what I looked like with short hair. Anne K took this picture circa 2002.
This is the haircut I decided I wanted with some fierce highlights in the front.

Looonggg hair Oracle.
Pocahontas long hair!

Loooonnngg hair Oracle.

I told my closest friends about my decision to chop it all off. The news was met with mixed reviews. Two totally different camps polarized by the gender of the respondent. Women were 100% for it and would send me all sorts of pictures of sexy rock and roll cuts. Men were for lack of a better word.. Horrified. In fact one of my dear dear friends was so upset he PRAYED I would not cut off my hair. Oddly enough, his prayer must have worked. I did NOT cut my hair. Right now it is a bit shorter than I usually wear it, but by no means did I hack it to bits. So. Rapunzel did not off her hair.

New "hair cut".

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On August 19, 2009 at 9:38 PM , Admin said...

I LOVE the pic when it was really short.

Men can kiss my ass. Why the hell you taking advice from a bunch of podunk males?! They all have this pent up sexual issues with longer hair.

I'm getting ready to cut my hair now. It's to my butt and I want to cut it off like fucking Kate on Jon and Kate plus 8. I don't even care what anyone thinks because I've learned that so many people try to convince you to stay long.