So. Major changes are taking place in my life. I have spent the past 4 years being a wife, babysitter, accountant, personal assistant, driver, scullery maid, personal shopper, healer, doctor, cook, psychologist to the insane, fixer of all problems big and small and a myriad of other duties and titles which would take me eternity and one day to list. I have basically been Bree Van de Camp, with a little less OCD involved. Luckily this woman is a fictional character because I have no idea how she keeps the facade of perfection up for so many years. I broke under the yoke. Being the perfect wife is not easy. Especially when you do NOT have the perfect husband. But I digress. Moving towards my new life I am excited about the opportunity to reinvent myself. I am shedding the chrysalis of housewife for that of one which excites me beyond belief....

WORKING WOMAN! These degrees need to start working for me since I worked so hard to procure them. So. Although the job market is rather tough, I managed to find employment that seems (for now) like my dream job. I will be doing something which I feel is important. I am working with teen girls at a treatment facility, in hopes of assisting them in getting their lives back on track. Will I skip to work everyday? Most likely not. I am realistic.

My life trajectory has never taken long stints in places where it has no business being. In contrast, these girls have made poor decisions which have removed their lives from the desirable path. It is now my metier to guide these young ladies to stability. Role reversal. I am shaking up my life to help them steady theirs. I'm enthusiastic. I'm apprehensive. Most of all I am dedicated to these girls I have yet to meet. I am sure we are going to learn so much from each other. I have wonderful childhood stories of a stable household with overly loving parents. I can't wait to hear their experiences then build a bridge which we can meet daily and connect with one another.
I love these girls already. I know there are going to be days which I could do without them, but hopefully those will be few and far between. See, through these girls I am gaining freedom from the mundane. Freedom from insignificance. Freedom from existing rather than LIVING and MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

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