The Marquis de Sade once said “Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes”

I must have been the muse of the Marquis de Sade in a past life. Many people base their life on Love. Not me. I am all about l Lust. I have been in Love once. A love that burned from the core of my soul like molten lava and scorched my skin. It didn’t work out.. Love betrayed me. Since then I have replaced Love which is unpredictable, wild, capricious, and undependable with Lust. Love is a whore who is gives herself to anybody indiscriminately. But Lust. Lust is far more discerning in her tastes. We get along fine, me and Lust. We are passionate, aloof, and in the end we get exactly what we want. Love is giving. Lust is selfish. Yeah. I get down with Lust.

The current economic state has caused me to prevent Lust from being aroused. I can’t satisfy her. She can be a cruel mistress if not bedded down properly. So for now, I have to keep Lust pacified with minor pursuits which are completely obtainable. For instance, there was a time when I could satiate Lust with expensive shoes, handbags, lingerie, perfume, and jewelry. In efforts to be more responsible Lust has taken a back seat to practicality. Instead of shopping at Sacks, I am trying to acquire a pallet for clothes from Target. So far.. It is not working. I keep looking at the stitching and material quality. Just can’t do it. So. I am dedicating this post to things I am Lusting after, but refusing to go into massive debt to obtain. I mean come on? Who doesn't want a Pink Bamboo Gucci Handbag, Bond 9 Brooklyn Perfume, A David Yurman Ring, or a Pink Cartier Watch? Who would say "no" to any of those lovelies? If you find someone who would, I say you have found a fool. Target has NOTHING that comes close to these items. I've looked.

Materialistic? Maybe.. I prefer to call it quality conscious. It sounds more eloquent.

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