So tonight I am going to try something different. My impractical degree is about to come in handy. It is officially free association Tuesday with the aid of Ketel One Vodka (lovely) co-staring my serviceable yet overpriced knowledge of psychology. For those of you who are not familiar with free association, I will take this moment to catch the class up before we begin.

Dr. Sigmund Freud is a crackpot who used cocaine to get his patients as well as himself in a groovy mood. He is also regarded as the second most influential psychologist of all time. The number two spot is heavily debated as some people who discount his coke head induced achievements as incompetent, reckless, nonfunctional useless information. But I digress. I am NOT a Freudian psychologist however, he has a few ideas I can shimmy with. One is, free association.

Free Association is a part of the psycho dynamic theory which uses words to uncover true feelings through psychoanalysis. Aren't you impressed with my proficiency in speaking psychobabble? I know I am. To continue the lesson, free association efficiently provides personal insights through. Tonight, instead of me using free association on the crazies I work with, I shall use it on myself. Just a mental health check in if you will. Since I OBVIOUSLY cannot use rich man's aspirin otherwise known as cocaine, I substituted Ketel One Vodka as a mode to loosen up.

Now that I am properly relaxed, I will start with one word and see where it takes me. LIFE- apathetic.. boring.. ready to move to the EAST COAST- home... smart people.. 4 seasons.. not burning up hot like HELL- Texas.. sick of being hot every damn day.. why are people so nosy and opinionated..mind your damn business.. don't make eye contact.. damn I have to pretend to be NICE- shopping.. good friends.. good food.. the recession SUCKS- marriage.. husbands.. housework with no maid... wait I was the maid.. not HAPPY- family.. friends.. chocolate... DAVE MATTHEWS BAND- listening to music that reminds me of home...they don't get DMB here.. want Dave to sit on my bed and play the guitar.. fantasy.. many more where that came from..all of them minorly depraved.. don't care.. need a HAPPY PLACE- ocean.. sea.. azure. clean water.. not like GALVESTON- dirty ass water... brown and yucky.. what is the deal with this gross water.. want to go surfing in COSTA RICA- love it there.. great vacation with my parents.. miss them.. one still here.. lives on the EAST COAST- must return to the woman who gave me LIFE.

One does not need a fancy pants Master's in Clinical Psychology to see that moving back home to the East Coast is what is on my mind. I am pretty proud that I can psych the psych. And all without a ride on the white horse.

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