Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? To me the truth to this adage is somewhere between the two concepts. We have always been taught that although life contains adversity, eventually we all will obtain our happy ending. Is that really so? Do we all elicit a happy ending?

I can relate to Sex in the City, just like most of the women in the universe. Each of the characters is an archetype of almost every woman I know. Some women are combinations of characters, and some are just carbon copies.

We are all pretty well acquainted with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Their story lines made me laugh, cry, as well as stand up and cheer for what seems like all of my adult life. During my 20's I was so much like Samantha exploring my sexuality with absolutely no apologies. I didn't seek validation from a relationship and gathered some serious skills in the sack during this journey. Now that I am older, I see that I am hands down.. Charlotte York.

Charlotte and I are romantic optimists with traditional values, however just worldly enough to know when to relax our views. Her "rules" of dating are eerily close to my own and our predilection towards preppy chic as well as the color pink make us kindred spirits.

Just like me, Charlotte believed in her "Knight in shining armor". She thought if she worked hard enough, followed the rules, and did all the right things, she would have her happy ending. Well, it didn't quite work out like that. Her first marriage was a disaster. A total and complete catastrophe. Furnished with a shriveled up old harpie Mother in Law from Hell who could suck the life out of a corpse. (boy can I relate). On paper, the man she married was perfect for her. She had the wedding of her dreams, the ring of her dreams, the apartment of her dreams, and the husband of her nightmares. To outsiders they had the most magical life together. Unfortunately, it wasn't so. Charlotte's failed marriage rocked her to the core because it forced her to take off rose colored glasses. Life isn't as intelligible as fairy tales would like for you to conceive it is. Sometimes hard work and sacrifice earns you... MORE hard work and MORE sacrifice. Charlotte didn't let these lessons deter her. She decided to work towards her happy ending. The man she was least attracted to became just the husband she desired and deserved. So in the spirit of Charlotte York, I am going to work towards my happy ending. Hopefully, I won't have to change my religion. I really like bacon.

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On June 30, 2009 at 7:28 PM , Ari said...

Oooh I am totally Charlotte too! To a T. Actually, reading your post about her, I feel like I am definitely her more than ever!