It is rare to find a perfectly flawless gem. To the naked eye a jewel could be perfect yet, under scrutiny it may be full of inclusions, cracks, and all types of flaws. Friendship is very much like being a gemology. You see many many many gems in your career, yet only once or twice will you find that extraordinary stone which you have waited all of your life to wittiness. Throughout my life I have encountered more than my fair share of people. Some became friends, some were acquaintances, and yet others were "moving wallpaper" as I like to categorize them. Yet, when I least expect it, I encounter a friend of a lifetime, a friend for my lifetime. My lifetime friend is Anne. Our story begins like most stories do in the most forgettable of places ever. Work. One would think after she decided to quit in a brazen manner, we would go our separate ways. Yet, with each year the story of Anne and Cicely continues to unfold. Every major and minor event which has occurred in my life I could always count on Anne to be there for me no matter what personal or financial cost she incurred. Anne is a true friend. A rare friend. A forever friend. It is on the weekend of her birthday that I reflect on not only all that she is to me, but all that she has taught me. I am so very thankful that she sauntered into my life and wasn't too intimidated by my plot to get her fired before we became friends.

Although I am not a verbal person about my feelings and prefer to give extravagant gifts or grandiose material validations of my affections, I just want to honor Anne K for being the very best friend a person doesn't deserve to have. Nobody else deserves her either so I guess I'll be selfish and keep her. Thank you Anne, for the silly nights of drinking wine and giggling till we passed out, making "nightmare pillows", adopting that crazy dog that peed everywhere, getting rid of the dog that peed everywhere, listening to my impassioned speeches, bringing me cupcakes, holding my hand when I didn't even know I needed comfort, being honest when you knew it would piss me off, making me laugh till I cried, when I was crying you made me laugh, going out for steak when we were broke, shopping when we were broke, just being broke with me in general and all that entails, wiggling your toe, getting the dye job from Shay, taking pictures of ridiculous things, taking Willie to the beach, going with Willie to his final nap, not knowing the lyrics to songs, clowning me about the men I dated, going with me to Vegas, promising we will never ever ever go to Vegas again, keeping me informed concerning #stonewashie, living at Argo court, driving me around in a blue Honda Civic, letting me scare you with homemade ghost stories, going to gay bars, tripping over your own feet and falling into Nate's back, going to the Kanye West concert, being a good sport about the "Geminis suck in bed caucus", covering my shifts at work, and just covering my ass in general. I love you so much. Your friend. Forever. Cicely.

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On July 1, 2009 at 11:56 PM , Admin said...

um, what's this thing with you trying to get her fired? now that sounds interesting. sweet post.