Knowledge is power. In my hands it is used to destroy you. The professor whom I wished would choke has provided me with enough knowledge to annihilate him. I mean complete Hiroshima. The secret to collecting viable information on people is to keep your mouth shut, make mental notes, ask the right questions.. Wait for it.. wait for it.. Then DESTROY the person. I am such a Scorpio. I am always plotting on someone who has done some sort of injustice or imagined slight to me. Anyway, since the post about the professor I want to choke has received so much attention, I thought I should provide an update. This jackass has given me the keys to the kingdom and I am about to tear it apart. He let it slip he knew where I lived. Uh. How did you figure that out without looking at my records? Second, he told me he was attracted to women that look like me. Well.. Who wouldn’t? (I’m not conceited about my looks; I’m conceited about my intelligence) He also mentioned he was a Pisces. I have so much experience with the inner workings of a Pisces this is going to be like child’s play. He dropped so many gems in my lap I thought I was Harry Winston for a minute. At first I was going to complain to the Dean but that would be too easy. I have something much more interesting coming down the pike for him. It is soo delicious I just can’t wait. I would spell out my plan here, but it is against my regulations to tell anyone anything I am about to do. Friend or foe. Just stay tuned because I promise you will be entertained as no summer blockbuster can ever entertain you.

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On April 8, 2009 at 10:27 PM , Admin said...

Oh shit-now THIS is gonna be good! I LOVE plotting and scheming to bring people down. Please do update along the way.

On July 7, 2009 at 1:29 AM , hohoh said...

you're such a hoot! i love yr sense of humour!
all the best
cape town