The Super Bowl is such a big deal for most Americans. I feel like a kid that didn’t get the joke. It is so completely unimportant to me that I didn’t even watch it. Although I was present and accounted for at a Super Bowl Bash, I by no means viewed a second of the game. Somehow I turned into the babysitter for all of the parents who were otherwise occupied by the festivities. Only I can play basketball in 6 inch stiletto heels, then follow it up with a tennis match on the Wii. While the Cardinals and the Steelers battled it out on the field, I was kickin ass at Uno. Who cares if my age is divisible by the kids? I am teaching them a life lesson. You are not handed a victory you have to earn it. Oh. And I also taught them adults are not above peeking at your cards in order to change the color to red or prepare themselves for a draw 4! Then the little devils got me to watch a scary movie with them. So while the parents were in the “Man Den” I was upstairs in a pink palace screaming my head off as horrible monsters were devouring people like chicken wings downstairs. All in all I had the best time last night. I wasn’t forced to watch football. CHECK. I was entertained. CHECK. And I taught a gaggle of little girls that people with thick ankles are peasants. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

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