Call me a gold digger if you like but after 10 years of being with  a man who never gave gifts (to be fair RARELY gave gifts), I think it is about time I am with a man who knows his way around a jewelry counter. Seriously.. They way to my heart is not through food, or long walks on the beach, or even making me feel like I have to focus all my energy on him to be good enough.. Nope.. No.. It is through diamonds and pearls. Prince kinda had the song a bit wrong in my estimation. Love is amazing but Diamonds are Forever.

I am getting older and honestly little pieces of trinkety kiddy jewelry is not going to cut it. I have moved past rings made of sterling silver or diamonds so small you need the Hubble telescope to see them. It is time for real grown up gifts and that remind me who my best friends truly are. I like my friends large and stunning.

I may not have a lot of things in common with Elizabeth Taylor, LORD knows I am not a world renowned beauty. However, her love of gems earns her a warm place in my heart. Richard Burton's knack of purchasing good quality jewelry earns him my desire for the ability to successfully clone  humans to hurry the hell up.

I have extravagant taste for sure. Hell I wore a 4 karat diamond tennis bracelet to the beach. Gucci, LeVian, Tiffany, David Yurman, Mikimoto.. All names that bring a shiver of joy to the cold cockles of my heart. It isn't like I haven't paid my dues going giftless for years and years and years. I've earned the right to expect small velvet boxes with galaxies of sparkles inside. Plus, in return I give amazing gifts as well.. My first boyfriend received a Gucci watch from me when we were 19. He may still have it as Gucci is timeless.

If the law of attraction is at work, my birthday this year will make up for a decade of disappointments and resentment. Annnnnnd if it doesn't pan out that way, I will buy MYSELF the baubles I feel I deserve. My jewelry box looks like a chest of pirate treasure and everyone knows pirates are always on the lookout for the next haul.

DISCLAIMER- The stunning jewelry was just one of the angles of the Taylor Burton saga..(I am materialistic but not THAT materialistic) She also called him her soul mate and great love of her life.. I am down of all of that and more. The jewelry just makes sure I am properly decorated. 


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