I had to fill out a "get to know me questioner" for work. Honestly I thought it was hokey but I did it anyway. At first I was answering the questions smartassy (I mean.. come on..) but about halfway through it I dug into the process and kinda enjoyed it (do NOT tell my boss, this team building stuff annoys me) So. Here are the results. A snapshot of the Oracle, it should explain my madness or at least give a clue or two.

Name: Absentminded Oracle

Age: A lady never tells her age and a polite person would never ask

Birth Date: I'm a Scorpio. That's all I am willing to divulge

Born: Bangkok, Thailand but I feel more like Park Avenue

Current Location: My Bedroom which is usually my permanent location if I am not at work

Occupation: Mental Health Professional and part time jewelry hustler

Reason why you chose to work in your field: I have a knack for influencing people (read I am manipulative and decided to make a career of it) And yadda yadda I want to help people

Hobbies: Once upon a time I had hobbies. Now my hobby is working. My other hobby is my friends and meddling in their lives without them knowing I am psyching them. I like shopping too but I don't want to seem to frivolous

Who is/are Your Inspirations: My parents, (standard answer but I mean it) my 3 best friends, and anyone who overcomes insurmountable odds

What is your Personal Style: Preppy, sexy, sophisticated,  vampy chic with a dollop of girly girl for sweetness

Favorite Food: Asian.. I say Asian because it included a ton of different style cuisines. However, I do NOT like Vietnamese or Korean food

What inspires Your Personality: Power

Where is your Favorite Place: New York City. After all it is the center of the universe. NYC is where everything and everyone comes together. You can get anything or anyone there

Pets: Boston Terrier almost 2 years old. Named Frasier. After a neurotic snobby psychiatrist. He is a snobby neurotic dog

What do you Do in Your Free Time: What free time? I'm always working. If I can grab a minute I read or nap

Current Path: Trying to understand love and why it seems to visit other people all of the time and elude me

Goals: To get a PHD in  Public Health and get out of the mental health field. It is very draining

What don't you leave home without: My iPod nano and Driod. These tools usually keep people from talking to me unnecessarily

Obsessions: jewelry jewelry jewelry shoes shoes shoes... I am on the hunt for the perfect purple sapphire and a pair of nude platform heels for the spring.. CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES!

Who are You Attracted To: Tall men, funny men, dimples, a laugh so infectious that it makes me laugh, fun loving, silly but not childish, passionate, smoldering, mystical, intelligent, muscular but no Roid Juice Head.. Wait.. This is starting to sound like a dating questioner

What Personality do You Like the Least: GEMINI, ignorant people, people who don't know what they are talking about and people who I have to constantly have to fact check behind

Who are you Most Like: My Mother. We call her The General.. I am now the Colonel

What did you Want to be When You Grew Up: The wife of an officer in the service OR a diplomat's wife. (FAILED MISERABLY)

First Job: Decorating Cakes for $8 an hour. Great job! I'm still a great cake decorator and baker

Where do You see Yourself in 5 Years: Blissfully happy living my enchanted dreams waking up with a smile going to sleep with passion on my lips

I have no earthly idea how this is going to bring our team closer by knowing random things about each other but whatevz. We are all psychs. We can see  personality profile myers briggs bullshit coming a mile away.


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