Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a long long time.. I went to.. The GROCERY STORE!

I know. Imagine that. Most people go weekly or at least monthly, but I try to avoid the grocery store like the plague. It is full of children running around touching stuff, wailing babies, worn out tried mothers, fathers on auto pilot, and a whole slew of other things I want no parts of. Plus. Considering I am only responsible for Puppykins and he eats dog food, why should I go to the grocery store when I can just order out whatever I want? I do happen to go to the store but it is the

Anyway.. Back to the grocery store expedition. There was a time when I ate healthy and cooked 100% of my meals. I suppose I am coming out of a funk and somewhere in me is the desire to monitor what I am eating. Although I didn't have a specific list, I knew pretty much what I desired to purchase. I am a crazed label reader. It is nothing for me to stand in the cereal isle for 30 minutes comparing box after box until I find the cereal which is nutritionally balanced box of my dreams. I am also picky in the produce department. The skills of smart shopping haven't left me although they have been dormant for quite a while.

I feel pretty good about the things I purchased. Not everything is healthy. Somehow a bag of Twizzlers and some ice cream managed to find their way into the cart. I did leave my Sugar Devil Coke on the shelf so I am majorly proud of that. So. One step towards being healthier in 201.  That is what I call


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