If you look closely I am in the slave quarters conspicuously in the back.

Once again, I have taken on the role of a workhorse (yay year of the Ox baby). I am doing all I can to pay off the enormous debt being married has caused. Annnnd I am doing it all by myself. When this is over I will be on the other side wiser and hopefully I won't look older. Perhaps not too bitter, but bitter is on the menu for sure. I will save my mental state for another post. So. Today. For the first time in ages I have the day and NIGHT off! Can you believe it? No 4 hour turn around between jobs. No 30 minute naps between shifts. No losing track of days. No forgetting if I have eaten or not. Today.. I am doing.. NOTHING.. And it feels like this!

Sweet Freedom!

blowing kisses to my job as they can kiss my ass
Bubbles of happiness and joy floating to the heavens
I am going to enjoy every single minute of the day like each lick of ice cream.

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