I have turned into my Mother. Not exactly like her but close enough were I seem to be her doppelganger. This last visit proved it. I am Evelyn Lite. 

My mother is a Southern Lady. Genteel and serene.  She is not going to curse in public (I still have no problem with cursing) or do anything deemed unladylike. She goes to church, prays for strangers, and uses the phrase “bless your heart” so often I can’t keep an accurate tally. My mom is not going to wear anything slightly unflattering and she won’t wear white after Labor Day. 

My momma is the person who will pay for other people’s groceries when they are short on money or their credit card gets declined. She is the first person to show up when someone dies and the last person to leave (after she cleaned up the kitchen and after all the company). Mom is generous to a fault and has volunteered on damn near every charitable committee on several continents. She donates money anonymously to people in need. She gives money to people she knows never expecting reimbursement. Mom takes in stray people and nurses them back to health mentally and physically. She always thinks before she speaks and passes out compliments and good cheer like Halloween candy. She fair, hilarious, and a loyal friend. Mom is also a rather accomplished cook. She could teach Paula Deen a few things about Southern cooking but she refuses to share her secrets. Her philosophy is “why should I go to someone else’s house to eat my own cooking?” Did I mention she was hilarious and witty?

On the other hand.. MOM is a notorious flirt! I doubt if any man is safe! No matter how attractive, ugly, young, old, intelligent, or dullard Mom is going to flirt with them. She embarrasses me constantly with her flirty behavior.  Oddly enough this flirtatious demeanor gets her tons of free stuff.  Mom has extremely high standards for people and they always seem to rise to the occasion for her. She has a way of pulling out the very best in people.  Her powers of persuasion are legendary. The Jedi Mind Trick has nothing on my momma.  Mom has a way of getting her point across or her agenda pushed ahead without anyone knowing they have been worked over. Clever is her middle name. She is also rather bossy. As a kid we called her “The General” and now that I am older the fam calls me “The Colonel”. I suppose I am her second in command.

 So yeah..  I am a mini version of my Mother. We walk alike, enjoy the same things, have identical clothing aesthetics, great manners, and are thank you note writing steel magnolias.  I may not have inherited her stunning looks but I have her personality. And you know what? That’s all right with me. Just call me General in Training.

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